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A healthy diet for athletes has common-sense ground rules, followed by some tweaking to fit the discipline of choice for that particular athlete.
Long distance runners, triathlon athletes and the like need sustained energy input for hours and hours. More explosive athletes like sprinters, jumpers, lifters and tossers don't have to worry about prolonged energy.
So, let's look at two sample menus, one for long-distance runner Ron and one for high jumper Jack. For example, all athletes should go easy on alcohol, but a marathon runner may benefit from eating differently than the power lifter. Interview a couple Olympic medal winners in any sport and see how many credit beer, pizza and ice cream for their recent victory. These foods come packed with fiber, which is another important factor in ensuring a long-term but steady energy supply. It is important that young athletes eat healthy well-balanced meals and remain hydrated in order to achieve optimal health and performance.

Hence, creatine-rich foods like red meat are a good idea, since it boosts the supply of "instant energy" found in the muscle (you can also buy creatine as a supplement). For training days, however, they can go for faster carbs, since this helps them refill the "instant energy" deposits between jumps or tosses.
On the other hand, 3-5 cups of fruits and veggies a day will ensure that every young athlete is fueled and hydrated for optimal health and performance. How Much to Eat and When Make sure your young athletes are well-fed before training sessions.
Replacing carbohydrates that were used during exercise, within 2 hours afterward, is essential for a speedy recovery and preparing for the next athletic training period.
Keeping Young Athletes Hydrated Young athletes often have an increased risk for dehydration and various heat illnesses. The higher energy expenditure of young athletes means that they produce more metabolic heat, and they may not sweat as efficiently as older athletes and thus not cool their bodies as effectively. Young athletes also may not pay attention to drinking enough fluids, and their body core temperature during dehydration tends to increase faster.

For these reasons it is essential that young athletes be encouraged to drink frequently even when they are not thirsty. Post Exercise: replace 24 full ounces for every one pound of body weight lost during exercise. If you can couple your hydration and nutrition efforts, eating snacks like bagels, trail mix, dried fruit or pretzels, the combination will stimulate the athletes' thirst and encourage them to drink more. Spend your tropical vacation in Costa Rica improving your athletic skills learning to surf or picking up new techniques with Del Mar Surf Camp.
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