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About Recipe Rehab "Recipe Rehab," produced by Everyday Health and Trium, the first program from a YouTube original channel to premiere on broadcast television. About Everyday Health, Inc.Everyday Health is the leading digital health and wellness company. Better Eats combines the personality and accessibility of food blogs with the breadth and scalability of the mega recipe sites. Attracting 38 million people monthly through its popular websites, mobile applications, and social media presence, Everyday Health inspires consumers to live healthier lives and helps doctors make more informed decisions for their patients.

Together, they have created and produced over 1000 hours of television, including blockbusters "The Biggest Loser" and "Masterchef"; and more than 40 original digital series for MSN, Yahoo!, and YouTube, such as the 200-million-stream hit "Who Knew," the Everyday Health YouTube Channel, and series featuring Jillian Michaels, Cat Cora, Bob Harper, Jack Welch, Carson Daly, and Andrew Zimmern.
Each episode, the show's host Danny Boome plays referee between two competing chefs on a recipe recreation, with a healthy twist. Everyday Health reaches an additional one million viewers per episode through its weekly TV series on ABC stations.
The site aims to help people make simple and easy changes toward a healthier and enriching lifestyle, one better bite at a time.

The Company's broad portfolio of products spans the health spectrum, from in-depth medical content for condition prevention and management to healthy lifestyle offerings.
Each week, Danny also advises the audience on his recipe for a happy, healthy and stress-free kitchen.

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