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11 Healthy Fish Recipes Fish is rich in protein and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, so try these 11 great recipes and eat up!
If you're sick of soups and can't stand another chicken casserole, sample these 11 fantastic fish recipes. Keep your ticker in tip–top shape with the latest news, recipes, special offers, and advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You could call this recipe triple-fennel salmon because it uses the fresh fennel bulb, the fronds and fennel seeds.
Using just one skillet, this easy fish recipe cooks cod right on top of fresh green beans and uses the same pan to make a flavorful sauce.
In this delicious and simple pasta recipe, halibut is “cooked” ceviche-style in a zesty lemon marinade then tossed with warm spaghetti. Overfishing, global warming and dwindling natural resources may have dampened your appetite for fish, but you can still eat fish and be environmentally conscious by sticking with sustainable fish.

These oven-roasted fish fillets with Provençal notes would be delicious with a citrusy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
The result is perfectly flaky fish, tender-crisp vegetables, a savory pan sauce and very little cleanup. Studies show that eating fish at least once a week, especially cold-water species high in omega-3 fatty acids, reduces the risk of heart problems dramatically. This collection of healthy fish recipes, including salmon recipes, tuna recipes, halibut recipes and more, highlights fish that score as Best Choices or Good Alternatives on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Scorecard. Transfer the fish to a platter, drizzle with the parsley-garlic oil and serve with lemon wedges. Fish is a great source of lean protein, and fatty fish, like salmon and tuna, are a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Other research suggests that regularly eating omega-3–rich fish may prevent or relieve depression, joint problems, Alzheimer’s disease and, perhaps, several cancers.

Even seafood less bountiful in omega-3s, like scallops and crab, are rich in other key nutrients and offer a rich flavor that belies their lean, healthful nature. You'll have to buy the fish directly from a fishmonger; ask him to leave the scales on the fillets. EatingWell only calls for sustainable fish in our healthy salmon recipes, sardine recipes, seafood recipes, shrimp recipes and more healthy fish recipes, so you can enjoy these delicious fish dinners in good conscience and good health.

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