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Healthy fish dinner recipes for 2,top 10 diets of all time,atkins diet book download - Review

61 of 72 people found the following review helpful.Healthy Crock Pot Meals is a crockBy MImiI was anxious to read the recipes in this book. These are not healthy recipes, they are perhaps low-cal and low-fat, but in no way healthy.
Get the Salmon with Tarragon Mayo RecipeSalmon is not a mild-tasting fish, so a creamy sauce made of low-fat yogurt, mayonnaise, and herbs balances the flavors and makes the dish cool and refreshing.

Do yourself a favor and skip this book, then look for a cookbook with whole foods and healthy balance. Here the fish is served on a bed of couscous flavored with the light, wine-based poaching liquid from the fish, eliminating the need for store-bought broth, which is usually high in sodium.Also try one of these meatless meals for a healthy dinner.
And this well-written book, with a clickable index so you can jump to whatever recipe you want, is a must for anyone’s collection.

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