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When I snack, I try to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I want something with crunch, not the moist crunch of a carrot but the carb-filled crunch of a potato chip.
My taste in snacks runs from the very simple (baked tortilla chips) to the unusual (roasted okra). My favorite spur-of-the-moment snack is simple: rinsed, canned chickpeas sprinkled with Creole seasoning. You can use different spices in both of these recipes or leave out the seasoning altogether. This week I finally got around to trying a healthy snack that so many bloggers have said that they love. You'll keep up to date with new recipes and old ones you might have forgotten when you subscribe to NewsBites, the new FatFree Vegan newsletter.

Thanks for all thw wonderful snack ideas , shall try them except for the kale chips, just doesn’t appeal to me either. I started making microwave potato chips a few years ago after 28 Cooks posted a recipe for them — soo, sooo good. My favorite snacks are probably sliced veggies (carrot, cucumber, turnip, swede, cauliflower, bell pepper etc) with a dip. I want to try all these snacks, I haven’t had potato chips in a long time and your chickpeas look fantastic! I am CONSTANTLY looking for healthy things to snack on, but usually rely on store bought rice crackers. I have been looking for new snacks since school started and I can’t wait to try the microwave potato chips.

I have been looking for GOOD-TASTING and nutritious recipes….this is like a gold mine!! But I came up with something very interesting, very healthy, and something so yummy that my KIDS actually agree! Maybe I’ll have to sneak kale into a recipe one of these days and say it’s spinach, ha!

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