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Make any Dessert into a healthy low fat version just as delicious but will make you LEANER!!!
Whether it be Low Fat Cake Recipes to Fat Burning Healthy Brownies, I'm here to tell you that you can have ANY Dessert and turn it into healthy desserts..
These healthy dessert recipes all feature delicious ingredients that pack some nutritional value, too. Citrus desserts scream, “Hello, summer!” And this recipe employs a simple baking trick that seriously slashes calories. Subscribe to the Life by DailyBurn newsletter for healthy tips, articles, recipes and more.
This recipe is so fast and easy and addictive you will make it over and over (and over) again.

DIY Protein Bars is a collection of 48 healthy, homemade, no-bake protein bar recipes that taste like dessert!
With these low fat dessert recipes you can have low calorie desserts that taste just as delicious and no one will ever know it was low calorie recipe.
These lemony plum cakes mix seasonal fruit and avocado for tons of taste, fiber and filling healthy fat — in a tiny package.
Even better, this recipe relies on fat-free Greek yogurt, rather than cream, for the tangy filling. I'm incredibly proud that they're such a hit because its not every day a vegan carrot cake rules the school - especially a fat free, healthy one. You can even easily turn this recipe into an actual carrot cake - all you need to do is increase the baking time until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Plus, if you decide to throw in some nuts, these nibbles can also be a tasty source of healthy fats, too. Try whipping up your own nut butter!) As the instructions note, this recipe produces a huge portion — eat two-thirds and freeze the rest.

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