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The programme aims to generate a positive change in the BMI of children and to address the rising level of childhood obesity across the UK. A research project at Leeds Metropolitan University to fully evaluate the impact of PhunkyFoods on improving the health of children participating in the programme. The programme is based on multi-partnership approaches, and more than 50 Healthy Kids programmes around the world are endorsed by national ministries of health or education. Compass Group UK & Ireland has partnered with the Department of Health's Change4Life programme as part of its ongoing commitment to putting health at the heart of its business and helping its customers make an informed choice about what they eat.
At the start of 2013, Change4Life launched a new campaign called Be Food Smart, which aims to educate people about healthy eating. In support of Be Food Smart, Compass will be displaying flyers in its eateries and on its Know Your Food boards which display health and wellbeing messages.

Compass has taken significant strides in its health and wellbeing programmes over the past 18 months; 1% fat milk has become the standard milk provided to customers across thousands of sites, almost eight tonnes of salt have been sifted out of the business by a reduction in the size of Compass' salt sachets, all artificial trans fats and significant amounts of salt have been removed from the food it serves and nutritional labelling in the form of GDAs has been introduced in hundreds of Compass sites across the UK and Ireland. Health and wellbeing is at the heart of Compass and as part of its commitment to the Government's Public Health Responsibility Deal, it signed up to all of the Food Network pledges in April 2011. While funding partners help make the programme available to children across the UK, the editorial content of PhunkyFoods curriculum, website and resources are written by registered nutritionists and consultant teachers, and are completely independent of any company or product branding. Drawing on this breadth of expertise, our new UK programme represents a significant investment in health education for children in our communities. The programme forms an integral part of our commitment to improving global nutrition and health through the promotion of greater awareness, improved knowledge and effective practice of healthy eating and regular physical activity.
This is why we introduced our Know Your Food programme in 2012 and why we are pleased to support this new Change4Life initiative.

This programme is being run by the charity Children’s Links in association with NHS Lincolnshire and South Holland District Council. Healthy Kids programmes are therefore implemented by our partners and designed in collaboration with them.

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