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Meanwhile, eating at least four small meals a day — a ‘nibbling’ diet, as researchers called it — sped up metabolism and lowered the risk of obesity, according to a Maastricht University study.It’s important to note that no food is eaten between meals, which are small. In the past there’s been some talk about eating ‘little and often’ to keep blood sugar and energy levels steady, but for most people that seemed a little faddy.But research is emerging to suggest eating little and often is healthier for us, and that we should be having as many as nine meals every day. They were also significantly heavier.The researchers are now planning a larger trial involving 50 patients with high blood pressure who will eat either three or nine meals a day to assess the effects of the different regimens.

In the first Imperial study, meals for those who ate six times a day averaged 300 calories — the equivalent of a small serving of chicken, rice and vegetables.
It’s not clear why eating more often has these benefits, but one theory is that frequent meals prevent a high influx of fatty acids — compounds that are released from foods and can lead to a build-up of fats in the arteries, and also contribute to high cholesterol levels. After 18 weeks, the results showed that the mice who ate haphazardly gained more weight, had higher cholesterol and were less sensitive to insulin.The team say timing of food seems more important than the composition of a meal, but are unsure why this should be.

The regularity of the smaller meals may be just as important as the quantity, say experts.Recently, scientists in Israel revealed that snacking haphazardly throughout the day can lead to more weight gain compared with eating at regular times.

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