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For more easy dinner recipes and family-friendly menu ideas, check out my Easy Dinner Recipes board on Pinterest.
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TUNE IN LATER THIS WEEK WHEN WE POST THE WINNERS FROM THE HEALTHY LUNCH CHALLENGE ON THE HUFFINGTON POST! I bought my 5 yr olds lunch box at Big W, but K Mart, Wallmart etc should have similar things (try Ebay), it has (3) lidded compartments on top for fruit, saltanas etc & a little water bottle that you freeze to keep everything cold.
I have to agree with everyone else…beautifully tasty ideas, May…and I also love your photos!
Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to start packing a healthier lunchbox with these healthy kids lunch recipes and kids snack ideas. I hope you'll join me for The Hunt for Healthy Choices, an engaging family food adventure inspired by The 52 New Foods Challenge. Join Jennifer Tyler Lee, award-winning game creator and author of The 52 New Foods Challenge, for an afternoon packed with fun, family food adventures!
A fantastic source of Vitamin C and a wonderful (but healthier) reminder of our vacation getaway.

I generally find that if we have a few of these healthy recipes at the ready before the week begins, my kids can easily pack lunches for themselves that are healthy for their bodies and the planet.
I learned this the hard way when I found out my child traded his entire sandwich for a single candy corn in the lunch room!
If there is anything kids need in the middle of the day it’s even energy to finish school. I think it will also help for those who are taking a lunch box with them while going in a office.
Children are normally picky eaters, if we don’t guide them towards good eating habit, they will tend to have an unhealthy lifestyle.
Like the beginning of the school year, getting healthy dinners on the table at this time of year can be a struggle. Then I stumbled on a way to get myself, and my family, eating healthier without a struggle.
A new food for my kids, a relatively unfamiliar one to me, and a hallmark of the season, it seemed only natural to welcome figs to our family table and make it the food of the week in our 52 New Foods Challenge.
My husband voted for an Italian-inspired recipe, prosciutto-wrapped figs with a blanket of basil. Pack our Pizza Roll-Up Bento lunch for a healthy kids lunch your son or daughter won’t be willing to trade!

With more than 150 simple, healthy recipes and advice from nationally acclaimed nutrition experts, The 52 New Foods Challenge will help you bring back the joy of mealtime, plant the seeds of change at your family table, and easily incorporate healthy habits every day of the year.
I was one of those people, until I discovered a simple way to establish a new set of healthy habits for my family.
By letting James experiment, and figure out a solution for himself, he had the opportunity to learn much more than how many figs are in a pound. Greene, and Yum Food & Fun For Kids, among many others, as a simple, fun and playful way to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods. For my family, trying one new food each week was the catalyst for all sorts of fun food adventures and a big shift in the way that we eat. It’s easier for my kids to take applesauce, single serving fruit bowls, dried fruit, or even 100% fruit juice! I’ve asked her what she would like, offer suggestions, showed her the school lunch chart I pulled from this website and nothing seems to work.

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