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This food pyramid was developed by the Harvard School of Public Health and is based on scientific evidence on the links between diet and health. The Harvard School of Public Health offers information to help you make better choices about how to eat.
By exercising regularly it will help you control your weight and it is the key part of any weight loss effort.Vegetables and Fruits Vegetables and fruits take up a big section of the food pyramid, showing their importance. By eating a lot of vegetables and fruits everyday you will gain the possibility to stay healthy throughout your life. Putting the fats and oils near the base is also in line with common eating habits since the average American gets about one-third of its daily calories from fat.

Healthy fats can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, avocados and fatty fish like salmon.
Whole Grains You need carbohydrates for energy and whole grain is the best source, which the food pyramid illustrates. By eating whole grains you won’t feel hungry that often, which will have a positive effect on your weight. Whole grains can be found in oatmeal, whole bread and brown rice.Nuts, Seeds, Beans and Tofu The Healthy Eating Pyramid shows the importance of eating nuts, seeds, beans and tofu. Eggs have been said to be bad for your health because they are high in cholesterol, but if you compare it to a doughnut made from refined flour and cooked in oil (rich in trans fat), eating an egg for breakfast is a much healthier alternative.

It has the smallest section of the food pyramid because you should eat less red meat and butter.
Research has found that high-sodium diets increase risk of health problems causing heart attack and stroke.Multivitamin with Extra Vitamin D (for most people)If you look to the left of the Healthy Eating Pyramid you will find a bottle of multivitamin and multimineral supplement, emphasizing vitamin D. The concern with MyPyramid was that it was influenced by people with business interests in the messages the icons sent.TheВ  Healthy Eating Plate and the Healthy Eating PyramidВ  is saidВ  to be based on the latest science on how diet and physical activity choices affect our health.

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