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This month the Heart Foundation updated its familiar food pyramid to take into account healthy heart advice. The heart Foundation have swapped out the pyramid for a heart that shows 'at a glance' the balance of foods to eat most of, eat some of, and cut back on to look after our hearts and overall wellbeing. The big change being that carbohydrates in breads, cereals and grains are now considered healthier to eat some rather than eat regularly. The Heart Foundation have a simple online tool that allows you to record your current weekly diet and has some cool recipe suggestions to maximise the benefit you get from your food.

There are some spirits that possibly have health benefits such as traditionally distilled Greek Ouzo (helps digestion) served with mineral water, and small amounts of good quality organic wine are a little better than supermarket swill. The new 'healthy heart' food guide will help encourage Kiwis to take simple steps towards eating better for their heart.
Enter your information to find out how many calories you should be eating per day to acheive your goal. The campaign is supported by the introduction of a modern and up-to-date take on the old food pyramid.

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