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If publicity over fad diets and celebrity eating plans has left you utterly confused about what you're really supposed to eat to stay healthy, take heart.
I agree Angie, inverting the diagram makes more sense to me too, my eyes are drawn directly to what is at the top of the pyramid.
This is a valid point and could do with more research particularly relating to genetics and how food is metabolised. Legumes (most notably lentils and beans) appear to be sufficiently divisive that they occupy not one but two levels of the pyramid. A positive development no doubt for our next generation, and hopefully makes its way into the education system prompty, so that the kids of today may live healthier happier lives. It's not carb (bread) causing diabetes, heart disease, it's the excessive intake of highly processed, nutrition stripped food (KFC, soft drinks, cakes) and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, staying up all night, no exercise, etc) that causes these issues. It appears twice as it us a healthy vegetable first and foremost as well as being a source of protein for vegetarians including vegan. The food 'pyramid' could, I think be better depicted as food on a plate - the way we normally eat our meals. Otherwise known as the Australian Guide to healthy Eating released in 2013 (upon which this pyramid is based). I have been eating whole grain bread for the past 55 years and while I do not have cancer, I have found one very serious adverse health outcome from eating whole grain bread.
We need to STOP blaming parents for the foods we feed to children and start to push for a stop to the junk being added to the foods that are on the shelves. Not only are legumes good for you, they are good for the environment too.It's great to see them in the pyramid three times (the better soy milk products are a great substitute for dairy).

Let's face it, most of this will not be read by those who flout it most and the far bigger problem is people who eat too much - largely for emotional reasons - rather than the wrong types of food. DREW Barrymore takes a whirlwind food tour to Tokyo and has us noodle-dreaming with all her fabolous snaps. Now, if we can move health educators past the idea that one size fits all and that there is some kind of idealised, optimal diet for all or even most people, then we might start to make real progress. Every time I visit a supermarket I have to fight though the processed junk being forced on me to find the real food. Still, since we're recommending against processed food we need to mention that salt is essential.
Nutrition Australia's 2007 healthy food pyramid, replaced by the new pyramid, which shows a clear separation of the food groups.
The above food pyramids, 1982 (left) and 1986 (right) show a vastly different recommendation for healthy eating, with sugar, fats and oil allocated a much larger portion of a the daily diet. Klineberg2 (1Department of Public Health, University of Sydney Sydney, Australia, 2Department of Community Medicine, Westmead Hospital Westmead, Australia), Reprint requests to Dr.
So while the food pyramid is part of the equation for health, we still need to see activity, rest and exposure to sun as part of the equation. Cumming, Department of Public Health A27, University of Sydney, Sydney NSW 2006, Australia.
There are many triangle-shaped food selection models around, says Nutrition Australia, the non-profit, non-government nutrition education group behind the new model.All have been built on a 'more to less' concept developed in Sweden in the 1970s. Australia's first pyramid dates back to the 1980s and there have been numerous iterations since.

Eat mainly vegetables (and legumes and fruit)The bottom layer of the pyramid is now filled with 'vegetables and legumes' and 'fruit'. In one of the pyramid's biggest changes, carb-rich foods are no longer included in with vegetables, but moved up a level. Eat healthy whole grainsCarbs have copped such bad press in recent years, you'd be forgiven for thinking they are tantamount to poison. In fact, we do need carbs, but the new pyramid reduces the proportion of carbohydrate-rich foods, putting them in a category all of their own (second from the bottom) and renaming them 'grains'.That's because they are still energy dense so we should not eat as much of them as we do vegetables. Don't forget milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives for protein that also gives you calcium (needed for healthy bones, muscles and nerves), along with other vitamins and minerals.4.
You do need to include a little fat in your diet (to support heart healthy and brain function).
Healthy fats are also in foods like avocados, nuts, seeds and fish (which feature in other layers of the pyramid).
Don't add it when you're cooking or eating and avoid processed or packaged foods high in added sugars and salt. Avoiding junk food like biscuits, chips and chocolate bars is a good way to limit salt and sugar (and unhealthy fat).6. If you truly do care about your health, get interested in researching the true facts about what's healthy or not, from the wonderful health sites available such as Mercola, NaturalNews, etc.

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