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Along with the popularity of fitness came businesses that cater especially to the weight- and health-conscious. Aside from delivered diet food, juice cleanses (or juice fasting) have also taken the healthy market. Some who have tried delivered diets swear by its effectiveness while some say that not feeling full is a problem, prompting the purchase of more (often unhealthy) food to compensate. Juice cleanses are said to have the power to give your digestive system a break from all the work it does digesting unhealthy food everyday. Specialty groceries offering organic food, healthy-eating restaurants, more fitness supply stores, and even diet delivery services have started popping up everywhere.

People who are more used to high-calorie intake might find delivered diets with controlled calorie-counts and small portions weakening and sticking to it may actually be hard. It seems that running, eating healthy, and even going green are not just fads anymore – these activities are becoming more of a lifestyle. Whether you need ingredients, fully-prepped meals or just snacks, these five food delivery services will make eating healthier easier and convenient. These days, those opting for a healthier food and drink experience only need to fill out order forms on the Internet or pick up the phone. To undergo a juice cleanse means you will have to abstain from food and be dependent on natural vegetable and fruit juices to give you nutrients for a specific period.

The food is guaranteed to be all certified organic, and is conveniently delivered to your front steps fresh, and not frozen!

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    Various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, and folate.