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Not only are these bad habits observed at home, they are enforced in schools that lack healthy food options. The study observed data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Survey between 2007 and 2010. After separtaing the children into groups and observing their calrie intake, researchers attempted to discover what aspects of childrens diets made them more susceptible to childhood obesity and why.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A shift by McDonald’s to free-range eggs and organic milk, together with fruit and vegetables for children’s Happy Meals, means it beats many government departments in terms of ethical sourcing.
He added: ‘It is the quick service restaurants, serving burgers, ethnic dishes and chicken that have led that growth.

Distinguished Professor of Nutrition at UNC's Gillings School of Public Health and was publsihed in the latest issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.Researchers for the study found that while fast food does contribute to unhealthy children, the main culprit for childhood obesity is learned dietary habits children observe at home. What they found was that health goes beyond where children eat, it's why they eat there, and what sorts of eating habits they observe in their families. The chain is currently running a promotion with the former children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo to give away nine million books to children to encourage reading.Smaller fast food rivals have been promoting their use of organic meat and highlighting their efforts to use the finest ingredients.
Obesity in children is also on the rise and doesn't look to be dropping any time soon although the government are now acting on ways to tackle the obesity in children. Science Daily reports that the poor eating patterns consist of drinking sugary drinks and eating processed foods as oppose to eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The fast food boom may worry health experts who will see it as likely to fuel the national obesity epidemic across all age groups.The growth comes from all sections of society, including families, pupils skipping school meals and workers who do not have access to a workplace canteen.

Low prices, with burgers available for as little as 99p each, are a particular appeal in the current economic climate.At the same time, fast food chains such as McDonald’s and smaller rivals including GBK and Byron Burger have made a major effort to appeal to middle-class families.
The CDC's tips on obesity prevention supports the importance of families and schools in impacting children's dietary decisions.

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