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Speaking to MailOnline, Natasha said: 'The thing we really want to stress as much as possible is that this is not a diet - it's a healthy way of eating. The basis of Honestly Healthy is that you stick to alkaline foods - green vegetables, almonds, garlic, olive oil, lemons, tea - and cut out acidic foods such as oats, milk, chicken and rhubarb.'But only 70 per cent of the time,' assures Natasha. In her highly anticipated second cookbook, Food Network personality and New York Times bestselling author Melissa d’Arabian proves healthy eating can be easy, affordable, and achievable with ingredients from the neighborhood grocery store. Publishing just in time for the most popular New Year’s resolutions to eat better and save money, Supermarket Healthy is the ultimate toolkit for every home cook who wants to do both, without sacrificing flavor or variety.

Rooted in the way she cooks and eats at home, Melissa created Supermarket Healthy from a health-conscious perspective and with a focus on recipes that feature ample protein, healthy fats, slow-burning complex carbohydrates, and plenty of vitamins and nutrients. See 4 recipes (plus a Blueprint recipe), read Melissa’s introduction to the book, and view the table of contents in this first excerpt from Supermarket Healthy. In today’s health-conscious world, everyone wants to feel good about what they are eating and what they are feeding their families; in Supermarket Healthy, Melissa shares more than 130 family-friendly (yet company-worthy!) recipes—each including nutritional information—to show readers how to spend with purpose, cook with love, and savor healthy, homemade meals. Whether looking for healthier takes on indulgent classics, ethnically diverse dishes spanning countless cuisines, unexpected ways to use everyday ingredients, or new ideas to shake up your weekly mealtime menus, this cookbook celebrates dishes that are as friendly to your waistline as they are to your wallet.

In addition to the recipes, Melissa features her color-coded top tips for shopping, cooking, and entertaining as well as healthy Blueprints—easy-to-follow skeleton strategies for recipes such as trail mix, frittata, salad-in-a-jar, meatballs, skillet-glazed vegetables, and slow-cooker meals—perfect for mixing and matching ingredients to create endless options in the kitchen.
Everyone needs to have a life and go to the pub now and then!'The best thing is that when you do go back to eating all these things 30 per cent of the time, you won't feel as good as when you don't eat them at all.

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