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Miss K (almost 4) needed only a little bit of help with the classifications, she knew mostly which foods were junk and which were healthy.
The food pictures have been put into a grid because it’s easier for little hands to cut out. I actually found that Miss K stuck at this activity longer than her older sister, who is more inclined to do creative activities for long periods of time. Happy Handmade is a colourful collection of craft ideas for kids by some of the best ‘mom’ craft bloggers on the net. Kate designs craft ideas for kids and parents with the aim of making them easy, inexpensive and fun - but with no claims of making them mess-free. After learning about the benefits of healthy eating, our class created a book entitled "If You Eat Healthy Foods."В  In this book students used words and pictures to illustrate the many benefits of healthy eating.
This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is “Get Your Plate in Shape.”  The food pyramid has been replaced by a plate. After learning all about healthy eating, our class decided to educate the other kindergarten classes at our school.
After our study about healthy eating, my parents have been constantly sending me emails about the comments students are making at home at mealtime.  They now want to know if their juice is 100% fruit juice or whether the bread they are eating is whole grain!  When students can take what they’ve learned at school and apply it to everyday living, I know that my goal was achieved! Sign up today for free teaching ideas, lesson plans, online activities, tips for your classroom, and much more.
World Snacks series by Amy Wilson Sanger two of our favorites are First Book of Sushi and Hola! Bread and Jam for Frances (my personal favorite!!!) I quote it when we eat spaghetti and meatballs much to the bemusement of my children!

I explained that we all make food decisions every day that effect our health and the way we look and feel, it’s not just about the instant satisfaction of what we are eating. The following morning at snack time I was rewarded by Miss R telling me she was going to pick something healthy for her morning tea , and she actually chose some plain rice crackers. I honestly believe that teaching our kids how to make the decision to be healthy when they are young will pay dividends when they are grown. I was looking for pictures of real food and was not looking forward to finding them on line. With First Lady Michelle Obama in the lead, people all over our country are making healthy eating habits for children a priority.В This month my students will participate in activities that will help them learn more about making healthier food choices. Students also created a book entitled "A Kindergarten’s Journey to Healthy Eating."В  In this book you will find pictures and written descriptions of all the activities we engaged in during our study on healthy eating. Pizza is my favorite food to cook with kids, so I sought out a good picture book about pizza. Eat Healthy, Feel Great by the Sears is a fantastic, practical guide to eating healthy with kids! I have a great little collection of books that my parents saved, but many of the picture books are too brittle to let my kids handle by themselves. They don’t have the willpower to make the right decisions now, but I am hoping that by giving them the right knowledge from an early age they will have the power to make the right food decisions for themselves when they are older. Partee also hosted a tasting party for all of our kindergartners.В  During this time she discussed the importance of eating from each of the food groups.
For a meatier lesson about vegetables and plant parts, pair with The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons and let kids examine and taste various types of vegetables.

In Bread and Jam for Frances, Frances initially turns up her nose at all food other than bread and jam. My girls love nearly all junk food, and although they will eat some things that are healthy, it’s not nearly with the same gusto they display when devouring a chocolate biscuit. For example, Charlie tells Lola that the carrots he has served are orange twiglets from Jupiter.
However, when her mother decides to serve Frances only bread and jam, Frances quickly misses eating a variety of foods. We had a talk about what happens if you eat too much junk food, and also the benefits of eating healthy food, because what they really need to know is what’s in it for them.
Miss R was not in the mood for this activity, but Miss K had a go at it with her Gran helping her to cut out the healthy foods she pointed to in the catalogue. Each food was glued to the appropriate circle to form our now-healthy version of the caterpillar.В  To accommodate this activity, my students also had the opportunity to sample foods from each of the five food groups.В  After this activity, we no longer had a hungry caterpillar, but a group of kindergartners who were hungry for more! After the first activity she had absolutely no problem identifying the healthy things at all.

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