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Healthy eating plans tend to be stowed away along with the shorts and flip-flops as soon as the weather starts to turn; salads have very little appeal in winter. But the healthy brigade are here to help, and there is a glut of cookbooks on the market filled with easy recipes - including warming soups, stews, curries and even puddings - to see you through the winter months and start your new year on the right note.1. Every recipe in this book from the popular Japanese-style chain is under 300 calories and takes less than 30 minutes to make.
Chef Sophie Michell has drawn on her Greek roots to create some healthy and inventive recipes, all using Fage Total Greek yoghurt. So, from inspiring tales of the overweight underdog to the latest science on nutrition and cooking, here’s our roundup of the latest and greatest books to keep you on the path of health, wealth and happiness this 2015. To keep things interesting this book also takes on principles of the 5:2 diet - intermittent fasting is part of the three-week plan recommended by Vicki, with the intention of continuing to reduce calorie intake two days a week thereafter. Containing over 100 delicious-looking recipes from Executive Chef Adam Palmer, a detailed two-week recipe plan and tips along the way, everything you need to do the diet is there in the book - except for the cookery skills. From healthy fried chicken to guiltless pina coladas, fashionable foodies can enjoy a welcome break from the low fat, raw and protein based diets that can leave us feeling uninspired and, well, hungry.

With mouthwatering photography as beautiful as the girls themselves, this book is practical food porn - delicious and simple for anyone to make, but also just looks great on your kitchen shelf.
Practical and super simple, this book contains over 100 new recipes allowing readers to dip between sumptuous desserts and food on the go to delicious dips and ravishing rainbow bowls - with little advanced cooking skills or abstract ingredients required.
Ruled by her 10 principles of healthy eating, Amelia guides both nutritional newbies and hardcore healthista’s through important first steps such as detoxing your store cupboard and understanding the difference between good and bad fats, not to mention the dangers of hidden sugar and what healthy alternatives to try. Not just a bible of healthy facts, this book also contains an enticing selection of recipes that would be fitting for both a sunday afternoon picnic or an an impressive dinner party with friends (the salted caramels particularly go down a treat).
Organised into a number of different chapters, juicers can choose from a number of goals such as  weight-loss and cleansing, to energy boosting and complexion perfecting - packing in heaps of fruit and veg, while not forgoing on flavour, this book is ideal for veg-phobics or those looking to sneak a few more nutrients into their daily diet (the broccoli in the Mad Melon juice is almost totally undetectable). In this book Kara’s message is clear and simple - you are what you eat, so make sure to consume food that your body will love.
Having said that though this book gives readers the option to take their juicing experience as far or as easily as they like - whether that means simply introducing a breakfast boosting smoothie or taking the juicing plunge. The dairy-free, grain-free and alcohol-free routine focuses on healthy fats, animal protein and smart carbs to help reduce inflammation and bloating, while improving the efficiency of the gut.

Unlike other health focused books though, with the Hemsley sisters, it never feels like any luxuries are denied. His no nonsense, no compromise attitude ('I'm offering up a set of recipes that are healthy and well-balanced, straightforward to put together, but always, unfailingly, delicious'), rational and grounded attitude to taking a break from wheat and dairy (he's seen his cholesterol levels improve dramatically since doing so himself) and dedication to making cooking and eating well as easy as humanly possible are nothing less than refreshing. Indeed all the recipes are nutrient-rich, gluten, grain and refined sugar-free, but designed to still pack in the flavour - so that you find yourself eating well, without ever really trying to.
He thought that the Pear and Chocolate Cobbler tasted a bit 'wholesome', but anything smothered in chocolate and dough that claims superior nutritional benefits to your average pud is a winner in our book.
Veggies can opt for Honestly Healthy for easy meals, or Plenty More for something a little more gourmet.

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