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If you are not paying attention to your health today, you will be paying attention to your illness tomorrow. If you were to do nothing but add 3 super foods to make your body into a robust healthy one, I would say add these.
It took me awhile but recently I went vegan and this includes eating over half my meals raw.
I’ve been reading health books and following the new trend of green and clean and raw diets and vegan diets for a few years now.

With two books on the subject, a growing juicing clinic that would welcome you with open arms, and our free 21 juicing tips, plus my own daily habit of juicing, I can say that juicing is truly my first love. It counts in the units of health, vitality and longevity and it reinforces your enthusiasm to keep doing this. You will make up what you invest in these two amazing appliances in years of health, happiness, and vitality. Food, and eating lots of it it is so ingrained into the Persian culture that moving away from it makes you an outcast, a weirdo, a looney, in the social circles and that’s not fun Nobody wants that including me.

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