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Save money and unwanted calories from your dinner with these healthy recipes under 300 calories per serving. This is researched collection of international, traditionalisti and presently standard recipes that have been modified and put together into an easy book to read – to provide quick and easy dinner recipes and lunch recipes that you may use and repeat all year round. This is a well researched collection of recipes for a 30 minute dinners and meals – over 2 months supply of vegetarian, gluten-free, meat and fish recipes, soups and pasta dishes, and you will have a great deal of choice for meals and dinner ideas – to mix, match and add to and you will soon be cooking up quick, family favorites each week! 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.Love this cookbook!By MarieThis is a well-done collection of simple, useful recipes using fresh ingredients as well as some convenience products. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.A Very Thorough Book of SIMPLE Recipes!By R.

The chicken, fish, and soup sections just go on and on with recipes that are quick to make and easy. TweetFrom Thai Curry with Squash and Avocado to Mexican Tuna Steak check out the best Paleo Dinner Recipes for a healthy, energy packed 2014! Elias, began with several pages discussing the overall methodology, an overview of how we can make healthier choices, and discussed cooking nonstick pans and more. Let me say that the author obvious has a lot of fun in the kitchen because all of these recipes, and the front and back sections, are each written with a friendly, upbeat tone that makes you want to try each one. I love the section called healthier choices where the author shares healthy eating tips and it also has loads of Gluten Free recipes!

Especially important today is the concept of gluten-free when needed for those with allergies and this book addresses that issue well by including several gluten-free recipes. There are chicken, beef, pork, fish, ham bacon recipes of all styles, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and American.
30 Minutes Meals is a nice-sized collection of recipes for anyone no matter what your tastes might be.

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