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You must all be starved for frugal lunch ideas, ’cause the email from my Lunchables food hack was a lot for me to digest. We all eat lunch, and it’s easy to get stuck in meal rut when there are daily school lunches to make and busy schedules to keep. So I busted a gut, hit the supermarket, calculated the costs, and came up with ten kid-sized meals worthy of your a growing student’s lunch box all for under two bucks. The trick to packing a frugal healthy lunch is to plan meals ahead of time, make a grocery shopping list, and stock the fridge with snack-sized portions of food ready to pack in your kid’s lunch box. Serve your kid breakfast for lunch by kabobing (new word) cubes of homemade omelet, chunks of sausage, and pieces of bread together on a skewer. So cute, except for the raw broccoli…when I was little that was all my mom served for a brief period (well, not exactly, but all that I can remember from a time when I was 8). I’ve taken to planning dinner, making a little extra, and then dumping it directly into the box. Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to start packing a healthier lunchbox with these healthy kids lunch recipes and kids snack ideas. Who knew that shopping for crackers and cheese and then tallying the costs could give so many readers food for thought.

Chew on these ten healthy lunch box ideas and munch a little frugal lunch for under $2 this back-to-school season. Nested sets of flower cookie cutters or heart cookie cutters may inspire your kid to eat healthier foods since various fruits and veggies can be shaped and presented in fun ways. Two tasty chicken kabobs with fresh veggies and a little homemade salsa for dipping pecks your wallet for a paltry $1.23, including a few flower-shaped whole wheat wraps. Any number of dinner leftover options work here, so get creative with lunch kabobs to save money. These little cups are cute for kids, add a little color to lunch, and can be used for baking too. Let the little ones stack and assemble their own lunches by putting together the ingredients for pizza bagels. If there’s a microwave available at school, then your kid has a hot lunch ready to go! Whatever your pasta preference, toss those heated noodles in a thermos or pack them in a container for a noodleicious lunch. For this lunch I used the leftover cookie cutter meat and cheese pieces from previous meals to turn a leftover lunch into something pretty special.

I’ll guess this meal costs around $2 after adding up the cheese, chicken, and pickle wrap with a side of homemade salsa and mustard for dipping. I don’t have to pack lunches for school anymore, but I do pack them for my husband and myself. I just tried the banana peanut butter pin wheels for my au pair boys (with a lot less peanut butter) and the totally loved them! We use 2 solutions for this, homemade sunflower seed butter and bean spread (using whatever beans I have cooked, but garbanzo beans seems to be the favorite). Check out 1 Organic Chicken, 22 Healthy Meals, $49 Bucks for more ways to use leftovers across multiple meals. Pack our Pizza Roll-Up Bento lunch for a healthy kids lunch your son or daughter won’t be willing to trade! Check out my recipe for Vegetable Sushi Nori Rolls — it is one of my favorite adult lunch box options.

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