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Michele Borboa, MS is a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, food, lifestyle, and pets. Your child is packing up to head to college -- and along with that sad tug in your heart, you feel concern for her health now that she will be fending for herself when it comes to her diet.
Surprise your college student with a tasty care package of healthy ingredients he can keep in his dorm room for nutritious snacking. The typical college cuisine consists of late-night pizza, vending machine snacks and high-carb cafeteria food.
While pizza, chips, sandwiches, pastas, crackers, cookies and other starches dominate the typical college menu, whole-grain choices are increasingly available. While your kids are in college and in learning mode, they'll naturally turn to books for information. When you enter into the college, you have to face the problem of finding a place to eat or cooking foods by yourself. There are various kinds of cafeteria foods in colleges and universities all over the country. If you have time and are capable of cooking foods yourself, you should avoid having those ready-made options such as frozen pizzas, microwavable dinners or instant soups; instead you could learn cooking something quick and healthy from a simple cookbook, which could tell you the right way to boil an egg or teach you how to cook a healthy chicken dinner. For most college students, it is frequently seen that they are in a rush from one class or activity to the next one, always on the run. It is clear that some kinds of factors, such as being inexperienced in cooking, having limited meal card or leading a fast-paced life, would affect your efforts in having a balanced and healthy diet in college.

Michele is a health and wellness expert, personal chef, cookbook author, and pet-lover based in Bozeman, Montana. We turned to Iva Young, author of Healthy Mom (Yorkshire Publishing, May 2010) and mom of two, to see how moms can send their children off to college with healthy eating habits. Give them a couple of college-friendly cookbooks to help them cobble together nutritious meals. This may be the first time for you to leave your family for so far away; you have to take care of yourself in every possible way.
Compared with the healthy and fresh foods offered by some cafeterias, there do exist other cafeterias provide fast food which are high in calorie or over-processed. In your daily life, you should buy few cream and beer, which are not good to your health as empty-calorie foods. Not getting enough water puts your kids at risk for dehydration and even heat-related illness, if they are playing sports or working out.
Other healthy salad additions include beans, nuts, dried or fresh fruit, and even cooked whole grains, such as quinoa, wild rice or whole-wheat pasta. If you just want to totally rely on your meal card, it would be quite difficult to keep a balanced and healthy diet. So, you had better act now, and your body would keep on moving along the healthy track so as to maintain the weight properly and save your money as well.
Students can get some of these in the cafeteria and can keep others in a small dorm fridge.

The cafeteria salad bar is a great place to frequent as long as the bulk of the salad is fresh veggies and low-cal dressings; hungry students should minimize or avoid high-calorie dressings, shredded cheese, and fried croutons. Here we offer a few tips to you in an approach to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during your stay at college.
The fruit is one of the better options, for it is inexpensive, easy to eat, full of minerals and vitamins and good for health. Consuming these good fats helps keep students full longer, increases brain and hormone function, and boosts the immune system.
Any food, if it is closer to its source, should contain lower calories and higher nutritional value, for example, a chicken breast which is grilled is much better than the nachos made with cheese. If possible, go to the salad bar in the college for both lunch and dinner, and choose spinach rather than iceberg lettuce. If you want to have some sugary food to help your brain run better for a long day work, you had better take orange juice instead of sweets.

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