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It is so revolting and unfair how nowadays people have to endanger their health with every single meal because they just can’t afford to eat healthy food. Supermarkets take advantage of the healthy eating trend and significantly increase the prices.
If you have a decent income and you think eating healthy is not that expensive, think how you’d handle a big family with needs and bills.
Unfortunately, eating healthy is a luxury for most people and this doesn’t seem to get better any time soon.

The study proved that healthy diets consisting of many nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish costs significantly more than an unhealthy one based on processed foods. So unfortunately most people are forced to risk their health and choose the ones that are full of pesticides. Those $550 would seem nothing compared to the costs of health care that results from eating a trashy diet. The whole hysteria with eating as healthy as possible only raised awareness to the fact that we are eating overly processed foods, which usually don’t have anything good and natural left.

Healthy food is just too pricey and no one does anything to change the rules and make a difference.
It’s really annoying how eating healthy is rather a trend than a real concern regarding the quality of our lives.

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