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Remember, naughty treats and indulgences can be part of a healthy balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation. The fact of the matter is that the removal of carbs completely is bad for our health in the long term as our bodies could be missing out on essential nutrients to keep healthy and happy. Milk, cheese, yoghurts are all types of diary products and an importance source of proteins, vitamins and calcuim, that can help to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Cheese has the highest fat content of dairy products, however it is important to stress that you do not have to remove cheese completely from your healthy balanced diet. Milk and Dairy foods are a great source of energy, calcium, protein and vitamins for children – particularly to help them develop healthy bones and teeth.

Meat is an excellent source of protein, vitamins such as iron and zinc and B12 to contribute to your healthy balanced diet. The food we put into our body is the energy source on which we live and survive, combined with regular exercise and a relatively low stress environment, we can hope to be healthy and happy as possible. The reason many low-carb diets have focused upon carbs and starchy foods as a main source for healthy weight loss is that carbs and starchy foods are great, although excess carbs that we do not burn may turn into fat. It is highly recommended that you go for semi-skimmed milk at least, with skimmed milk being even more healthier. It is not recommended to drink unpasteurised milk, due to the potentially damaging health effects of the harmful bacteria.

There are many healthy and balanced ways to lose weight, some involve exercise and some methods involve the use of slimming pills. To make it even healthier try eating skinless chicken and turkey and trimming any fat from the pork.
Some cheeses are naturally healthier than others such as feta cheese, Quark and reduced fat cottage cheese.

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