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Pregnancy is that time in a woman’s life when a lot of energy is lost, especially in the first and last trimesters. Moreover, physical activity, which in any case is important for a healthy well-being, becomes a tad more important for a woman about to give birth.
Staying fit during pregnancy has various benefits for it aids in carrying the weight gain; helps deal with the stress of labor, and also getting back to shape after the baby is born. So here is a list of top 10 tips to stay active during pregnancy but it is essential that you consult a certified medical practitioner before following any of the below mentioned tips. Adequate Sleep: As pregnancy progresses, the weight gain might make it difficult to sleep but effort should be made to ensure at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep as that helps in rejuvenating the body. Lack of sleep actually spoils health, makes you lethargic and prevents a mother-to-be from being active which could be detrimental to her health. Dancing: Yes, believe it or not dancing is a good way to stay fit and active during pregnancy. As weight is gained during pregnancy, care must be taken to maintain balance and avoid any injuries so avoid those body twisting, foot thumping steps.

Biking with a difference: Since weight gain is a constant during pregnancy and maintaining balance a prime concern, a stationary bike at home could well be the answer to the biking needs of an expectant mother. Again a great way to stay fit and active during pregnancy but bear in mind that over exertion must be avoided as premature separation of the placenta, premature labor, or in the worst case, fetal death. Healthy diet during pregnancy: For a mom-to-be, a good diet is important both for her and for the baby’s health. Undoubtedly, what an expectant mother includes in her diet goes a long way in ensuring an active and safe pregnancy. As morning sickness or food repulsions can affect the diet of a pregnant woman, taking mineral and vitamin supplements also becomes important during pregnancy to stay active and fit. Household chores: Sitting idle and giving up on household chores during pregnancy should be avoided unless specifically advised by the doctor to do so.
But it must always be in the presence of an instructor and only up to the level that a pregnant body can sustain. So light and moderate workouts performed carefully are a great way to stay alert and fit during pregnancy.

Here’s where swimming during pregnancy comes to the rescue by helping the expectant women feel weightless for some time despite the extra kilos. Walking: Needless to say walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for anybody and more so for pregnant women.
Yoga: Having originated in ancient India, Yoga is a mild form of exercise which could actually be quite beneficial if performed during pregnancy. Of course, one must always consult an instructor to find out about the poses which are pregnancy-friendly and which are not. It also enhances the health if the expecting mother and child and thereby helps cope with pregnancy better.

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