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Teenagers are in the growing up phase and they do need a healthy diet to take care of all their nutritional requirements.
Calorie Requirement by a Teenager: An average teenager will require calories from about 1800 to 2100 calories and more in the case of boys. Although teenagers do get attracted to junk and unhealthy foods they must learn to make healthy choices most of the times. Healthy Meals: Ensure that your teenager continues to make healthy choices for lunch and dinner as well. Opt for Fresh Fruit Snacking Rather Than Junky Snacks: You should stock lots of healthy snacks in your house. Eat dinner together as a family which will increase the family bond and also you can keep an eye on their diets. Refrain Your Child from Smoking and Drinking: Make certain that your teenager does not smoke and drink as this will certainly eat away into their nutrients.

Encourage fresh juices inspite of carbonated drinks: Try and encourage your teenager to drink freshly squeezed juice or just plain water rather than resorting to diet soda or carbonated drinks.
This way whenever your teenager is hungry they will not be tempted to reach out for junk food and colas. Guide them towards healthy diets which will make the transition from a child to adult easy on them.
Hence parents as well as the teenagers them self have to be very careful in choosing their food and diet. These are important for their all round development and growth so that they can seamlessly move into the next phase of life which is adulthood.
Try and give your teenager a fruit in their bag or a vegetable and chicken sandwich made of brown bread. Load your dinner table with healthy options such as vegetables, legumes, pulses and a dessert that is low fat.

For these spurts of healthy growth they need extra nutrients or else their growth will be stunted. Do not allow them to be munching on chips and finger food throughout the day as this will spoil their appetite for the main meals. This will unconsciously send out signals to your teenager without you having to say nothing about it.

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