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You're all too familiar with what happens when your period hits: Your stomach cramps, your cravings go into overdrive, and eating healthfully seems like a major test of willpower.
The good news is that making minor adjustments to your eating habits, even slightly, means you don't have to cheat on your healthy-living regimen for one week each month. Bloating is a nightmare for many women, and your level of bloat has to do with what you're putting in your body. Many women who are menstruating may lack iron, as they lose it through the blood they eliminate.

Irregular periods, menstrual cramps, pain in abdomen, heavy or light bleeding, and PMS can make any woman uncomfortable and frustrated. Excessive alcohol can impair the functioning of hormone releasing gland and alter menstrual patterns.
Women who consume excessive caffeine are likely to have short menses with decreased menstrual bleeding.
These can be walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobic exercises etc, daily for 30 minutes.

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