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Children run and jump a lot and they should be liquid as well as a healthy and balanced diet.
Macronutrients – Protein, carbohydrates and fats, the big three macronutrients are needed for growth, metabolism and other body functions. Iron – Children’s bodies need iron to produce healthy blood that can carry oxygen to all the cells. Folate – This is one of the B-vitamins and essential for healthy development of a growing body’s cells.

Fiber – Your child’s body needs fiber to regulate the bowels and provide overall long-term better health especially for the heart. Vitamin A – an essential nutrient in children (and adults) for growth, eyes, healthy skin and to help fight infection. Offer your kids red meat, liver, poultry, shellfish, whole grains, beans or nuts to make sure they get enough iron.
You can give your kids calcium through milk, cheese, yogurt, egg yolks, broccoli, spinach and tofu.

If your kids don’t like one type of protein then try another, don’t insist on that particular food, there are so many to choose from and your children have their own individual taste in food.
Processed sugar and sugar in general should be eaten in moderation but other forms of carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, crackers, rice, cereals (not sugar coated) and bread will provide your child with a energy and the building blocks for tissue repair.

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  1. Princessa_Girl:
    You Know?Sunflower seed flour with protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper substitute for almond flour.
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    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein.