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Same should be true for your cookware -- that's why I want to give you a full 30 days to try out your new Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware. But there's just one thing -- the cookware has to come back to us in just like-new condition in order for you to return it -- so take extra care with it while you test it out. For years, I've been working tirelessly to get the message out to you about all the dangers lurking about in your common, everyday cookware. From the toxic chemicals present in non-stick surface pans, to the leaching of dangerous heavy metals into your food from a variety of other types of metal cookware -- I want you to know.
I've talked about it, written about it, done videos about it -- and tried every way I can think of -- to warn you of the terrible hazards to your health from most cookware out on the market today. Just take a look at this chart of a recent 2009 Heavy Metals Leaching Test performed on common types of cookware you might use every day. My previous recommendation was an excellent porcelain cast iron cookware which really was an outstanding solution. And there are many more benefits to the Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware I want to share with you. Well, for starters, non-stick cookware contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a synthetic chemical used in production that creates a soap-like slipperiness and non-stick finish. Now the various PFOA doses used in these animal experiments weren't necessarily the same exposure levels you might get from non-stick cookware. A study reported in 2007, and conducted by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, showed alarming evidence that newborn infants face exposure to PFOA while in the womb. While PFOA can come from sources other than this, other studies suggest the potential dangers of non-stick cookware.
Will not leach into your food -- no trace metals or chemical leaching from the cooking surface, both potentially affecting taste and your health. Even after you purge your kitchen of unsafe cookware, you may still be harboring danger -- this time in the form of aluminum or stainless steel. Next to the most common cookware alternative is stainless steel, accounting for one-third of U.S.
Extremely versatile -- this lightweight cookware can be used for multiple cooking applications (stovetop, oven, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, and tabletop) potentially saving you time, energy, and money.

When I uncovered this incredible, lightweight cookware, it truly amazed me at how environmentally-friendly it was. As a Healthy Chef, over and above using safe and efficient cookware in your kitchen that you can trust, you also want something that will last -- cookware that is durable. Well, once you get rid of the potentially hazardous cookware you currently use and replace it with the Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware, you're fairly well set for a long time -- as long as you don't break the cookware by dropping it.. You will receive free replacement of any ceramic part of the cookware that breaks from hot and cold temperatures within 50 years from your date of purchase. The manufacturer certainly wouldn't make a 50-year commitment unless the cookware could withstand the test of time. So, as a Healthy Chef, you can put your full trust in Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware. Remember, I applaud you for making a conscious effort in improving your health through a healthy diet of unprocessed foods. But if you truly want to be a Healthy Chef, you should do everything possible to ensure you prepare meals in a safe and non-hazardous way for you, your family, and friends. I decided to go all-out in providing you with a complete 16-piece set of this great cookware. You can expand on your Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware set by adding this great 4-Piece Wok Set. Radiant heat provides perfectly even cooking every time, from the deep inside to the outside.
Now, I can't imagine why you wouldn't be ready to toss out your current cookware and move up to this unbelievable set that could last you a lifetime.
Plus, don't forget about the unbelievable 50-year limited warranty backed by the cookware manufacturer. Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware -- cookware you can trust for a lifetime.  Order NOW! And just to make sure you get all the benefits of your new cookware -- I'd like to give you your own copy of my popular cookbook -- Healthy Recipes for Your Nutritional Type.
Based on my program for eating right for your Nutritional Type™, your FREE cookbook is packed full of savory recipes designed to help you eat your way to optimal health.

I am so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware, I am providing my 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can try it out! We promise to replace any ceramic part of your Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware product that breaks from hot or cold temperatures within fifty years from date of purchase. Each piece of Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware is hand crafted and there might be some slight imperfections on the surface of the cookware.
Non-stick pans have plenty of benefits -- including requiring less oil for a healthier finished meal -- but the Teflon that keeps foods from sticking has a controversial past, with experts going back and forth on whether or not it can be harmful to humans when heated. You may even feel satisfied that you're doing everything you can for your health by eating as much raw and unprocessed food as possible. While PFOA can come from sources other than non-stick cookware, that's startling information. And now you can go one step further when you use and trust your environmentally-friendly cookware. If, at any time during those 30 days, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware for store credit (less shipping charges). The nine brands here produce cookware lines without the toxic chemicals -- so your family can enjoy a safe, healthy meal. Any piece of cookware with a manufacturing defect will be replaced, without charge, within one year. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content.

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