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Teams of high school culinary students and hundreds of guests gathered in November 2011 for Cooking up Change Chicago, Healthy Schools Campaign's flagship healthy cooking contest and benefit. As president and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC), Rochelle Davis is a leading advocate for environmental health and wellness in schools. Since its start in 2002, HSC has had a lot to do with shaping the conditions that make healthier schools and healthier school food possible.
The school year is coming to an end, but the commitment to ensuring America’s students have meals that are healthy, delicious and affordable is a year-round effort. Read more about the Cooking up Change competition and to see a list of this year’s winners. Greene 5th grade chefs Daisy Salgado (left) and Gilberto Castaneda share healthy cooking tips with the Surgeon General and Mildred Hunter of the U.S. Parents told the Surgeon General about after school classes like Zumba and healthy cooking they’ve helped implement in their schools. Many also helped their schools begin to serve nutritious breakfasts – now a standard throughout Chicago Public Schools.
Raised on Amish farms in northern Indiana, the antibiotic-free chicken is one of many healthier, regionally grown food choices on the menu, with more to come.

Department of Education hosted the finalists of Cooking Up Change, a culinary competition sponsored by the Healthy Schools Campaign, a non-profit Chicago organization.
Since 2010, the law has held schools financially responsible for ramping up healthy meals, with quotas on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein while reducing fat, salt, and sugar – standards justified by the Institute of Medicine and the USDA.
Department of Education hosted student chefs from high school culinary programs as part of Cooking up Change, presented by the Healthy Schools Campaign. And of course, many thanks to those who help our students learn the importance of healthy lifestyles. The meal was developed and cooked by CPS high school chefs as part of a recent Cooking up Change competition. Schools Challenge,” said Rochelle Davis, founder and executive director of HSC, which recently exceeded its initial goal of helping more than 100 Chicago schools to receive HUSSC certification. HUSSC is promoted through First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign against childhood obesity. Well believe it or not, this mouth-watering meal is not only tasty, affordable, and healthy- but was made entirely by high school students. This healthy cooking contest puts student front and center by challenging them to create a great-tasting lunch that meets nutrition standards on a tight budget.

Not only was their dish healthy and packed with flavor, but their stories were inspirational. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools and District Sustainability Awardees that are helping to create healthy and sustainable learning environments. In addition to engaging in a rigorous academic program, these students are learning what it takes to live healthy, active lives. After winning first place in their local Cooking up Change competition, eight teams of student chefs traveled to Washington to lend their voices, and their culinary creativity, to the national conversation about the future of food in our schools.

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