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Easy and versatile, eggs contain vitamins A and D and the antioxidant lutein for healthy skin and eyes. Top low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit for an on-the-go breakfast that will leave you satisfied.
But what you choose for breakfast can make or break your day (sorry, bacon didn’t make the list).
Scrambled, soft-boiled, poached or over easy, serve with whole-grain toast for a stay-with-you breakfast.
I have seen way too many fellow hostelers prepare a dinner of macaroni garnished with salt and pepper masqueraded as a cheap healthy meal. Those prepared instant oatmeal packets may be yummy, but they are ultimately more expensive and nowhere near as healthy as the more natural alternative.
Drain them when you’re ready to chow down, add some raisins, cinnamon, any fruits you wish, top it off with yoghurt, and you have a breakfast of champions.

Lunches are some of the easiest meals to prepare, with sandwiches being the most logical option. Here are a variety of dinner options you can prepare, including full meals, side dishes, and expandable options.
Or try them with bacon bits (which travel well) and some plain yogurt (which you have on hand for breakfast) and you may not miss the sour cream.
An even better and healthier twist on the regular baked potato is to substitute it for a sweet potato, which is richer, chock full of nutrients, and arguably yummier. Obviously in certain parts of the world, these meal ideas and shopping techniques won’t be as practical as in other places. Here are some healthy meals you can prepare in your hostel (or even at home) that won’t cost a fortune and will give you the energy to keep on trekking. It will only take a minute to cook, and will add amazing texture, flavor, and protein to your now well-balanced ramen meal.

Just follow a simple formula: one starch (be it pasta, potato, or rice), one protein (cheese, meat, seafood, tofu, or beans), lots of veggies (onions, celery, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, and so on), and seasonings (fresh garlic, pepper, hot chili flakes, and anything else you can find — spices are easy to travel with too), can combine with some oil in a frying pan to make a delicious and nutritious off-the-cuff meal. You have the advantage of being able to pick out just how much you need — be it one meal’s worth, or enough to travel with and carry you through the next week. But hopefully your creative cooking juices are flowing a little better now, and I will start to see less plain macaroni and more healthy, cheap variety in those hostel kitchens! Half the fun of the meal is sometimes trying to figure out what you are buying, how to pay for it, and how to say “thank you” to the cashier!

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