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I adore hard-cooked eggs for several reasons: They’re cheap, ridiculously versatile, and great to have on hand—they last in the fridge for 3 to 5 days if peeled and about a week if left in the shell. In this series I’ll share some fun, downright delicious ideas for how to use those hard-boiled eggs.
The second idea is one that’s become my new favorite breakfast because it’s crunchy, creamy, hearty, and quick to throw together. This bento-style breakfast, inspired by Starbucks' protein plate, includes a hard-boiled egg, fruit, nuts and mini pitas. While most breakfast sandwiches include scrambled or fried eggs, this version features hard-boiled eggs — a great time-saver on rushed mornings.
If you're avoiding carbs or trying a Paleo diet, pack up a few breakfast boxes like these for an easy and healthy morning meal.

Tuna, avocado and a hard-boiled egg are all you need to mix up a quick breakfast that's rich in protein and healthy omega-3s. This updated Scotch egg recipe uses crescent rolls in place of breadcrumbs and replaces frying with baking. Cook up a batch, and rest easy knowing you have the beginnings of something great within reach.
This isn’t new news, exactly, but the 2015 federal nutrition guidelines (still under review as of this posting) have, well, eggs-onerated them in a big way, concluding that dietary cholesterol does not pose a serious threat to blood cholesterol or cardiovascular health. If you want to get fancy with it, call it a tartine (open-faced sandwich) and hold your pinkie out as you lift it off your plate. Our favorite breakfast meat mixes and mingles with hard-boiled egg in this simple and tasty breakfast recipe.

While diets should be tailored to personal needs, most of us can enjoy an egg or two a day without worry.
Try one drizzled with Sriracha, or my favorite way—dipped into a tiny pile of smoked salt or flake salt.

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