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Self-righteousness aside… I definitely would’ve entered the contest you did just so I could eat banana pudding! It’s like griping at someone who kills with a knife because you prefer to use poison. Maybe dumb question but how do I print the recipe – love to have it in the kitchen when making the item. I just go to the search bar & highlight the link, then email it to myself & put the recipe title in the subject line!
Tofu is a nice way to get the texture for this; you can be sure you will only taste the bananas.
Hi Katie, I tried to use stevia powder and it came out with the worst after taste, i saw where u said u use nunatural stevia.

I think pudding is probably my favourite childhood snack, both banana, and butterscotch mmmmmm.
Hungry teenagers, lured by the thought of free banana pudding and Nilla wafers, we all decided to enter. I was literally just looking on pinterest for a healthier banana pudding them decided to come look here, begging you to have a new banana pudding post. I think we had to unwrap and eat like 3, so definitely not anything like 2 pounds of banana pudding! After my parents watched me down an entire costco pizza with an extra pound of ground turkey, cheese, 2 bell peppers they all said I should look into competitions. I’d eaten a bite and a half of banana pudding, while the guy next to me was halfway finished and the lady next to him was already onto her second bowl!

Needless to say, I didn’t come close to winning the contest, but the banana pudding was delicious and I didn’t end up with a stomachache like I’m sure the winner must have gotten… He ate almost 2 pounds of banana pudding in under 5 minutes! It’s just different strokes and different levels of uneasiness with that whole system.

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