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This high-protein vegan vanilla milkshake smoothie seems like an indulgence, but it's not — you'll be excited to know that in this case, having dessert for breakfast is actually an excellent idea. This thick, tasty apple-cinnamon smoothie is a favorite of celebs for keeping them satisfied for hours. For a fiber-rich smoothie without all the fuss, opt for this berry breakfast smoothie that supermodel Karlie Kloss loves.
This 350-calorie smoothie is chock full of nutrients as well as Greek yogurt and avocado for a creamy, filling breakfast.

If you're looking for a protein-packed smoothie that's dairy-free, this vegan strawberry spinach smoothie is it.
At just over 350 calories, 9.2 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of protein, this almond butter and berry smoothie makes a delicious and filling breakfast smoothie to enjoy if you're trying to lose weight. Smoothies, however, could be your best-kept weight-loss secret; the blended beverage offers you tons of nutrition as well as protein and fiber to help keep you full until your next meal.
Whipping up a smoothie for breakfast will further help you rev up your metabolism first thing in the morning, so here are 13 smoothies to make in the morning to fill you up as the scale ticks down.

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