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They have seen sales surge as busy workers look for a fast and healthy breakfast to grab on their way to the office.But starting the day with new-style breakfast biscuits could be no better for you than their eating an everyday cookie, research suggests.
The breakfast snacks are marketed as wholesome yet convenient by food manufacturers including Belvita, McVitie’s and Kellogg’s.
Thankfully, healthier store-bought snacks have improved since I was little, when my mom proudly fed me cardboard wasa crackers slathered with the pastiest all-natural peanut butter ever made.
I recently sifted through the many supermarket snack options to find the healthiest picks among the most popular kids’ snack foods.

Kellogg’s Strawberry Nutri-Grain bars contain 31% whole grain cereal, but are also made up of 33% sugarThe worst offender was Kellogg’s Coco Pops Snack Bar which contained 42 per cent sugar.
Granola bars, muffins (and more muffins!), even cheddar crackers—name a classic snack and I’ve made it.
Cheese puffs, fruit snacks, veggie chips, popcorn, cheese crackers, peanut butter sandwich crackers, granola bars, graham crackers, squeezy snacks and yogurt—I covered them all! Meanwhile, a Kellogg’s All-Bran Original Breakfast Biscuit has eight grammes of fat and 176 calories.

These nutrient-rich bars are made with GM-free ingredients combined to provide a balance of carb and protein.

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