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Attractive personality is directly proportional to height and ideal weight according to that height. There is a standard formula set by scientists to calculate the ideal weight of a person according to his height. To increase the height and weight one must avoid oily foods and sweets during the growth phase of life. One must also remember the fact that diet plans are not the only ingredients of attaining ideal weight according to height. At the age of five growths process slows down until the kid reaches 16 years, after 16 years growth process becomes extremely slow with only minor changes in height.

Exercise is also an important component for ideal growth, excessive or heavy exercise is not required for ideal growth just a casual walk for half an hour every day would do.
But these numbers can be changed through several methods.В В В  Exercises like pull-ups, physical activities like skipping, cycling, the right diet, and other methods can help in increasing height naturally even after a period of time when it is usually believed that they have stopped growing. If you feel that you are overweight or you are underweighted than it is very important to calculate the average weight using this formula first. Process of growth stops at the age of 25 and height attained till the age of 25 remains all life without any further change. There is also a Board Mass Index chart available through which you can easily calculate your ideal weight by comparing your height with and weight on the chart.

Special care should be taken during the growth phase of life to attain an ideal height and weight. It is also low in sugar and therefore can be used for treating hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia.Japanese scientists recently discovered that bamboo shoots contain anti-cancer agents and making them a regular part of your diet effectively eliminates the free radicals that can produce dangerous carcinogens.

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