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Easy, healthy snacks for babies and toddlers beyond Cheerios and bananas, from Boddler Bites: Food in a Flash. Babies get a lot of use out of the clothes on their backs, and parents can never get enough of them either. Remember that babies grow so quickly, that it’s a good idea to buy clothing from the toddler section, so the new born can grow into them. Buying small, but important things for the baby is great and all, but passing over a wrapped bib, or teething ring can seem a little under thought. Silver is always the best choice for more expensive items, and the list of choices can be overwhelming.
Shopping for baby gifts for girls is certainly a lot of fun, and their is a lot to choose from, but try and think outside of the box a little, and put a bit more thought into your gift. When deciding on a gift, whether it be for a baby shower, a birthday, or even just a spontaneous spur of the moment, you can’t go wrong with custom baby blankets. If you are looking for extra warmth, or if your baby sleeps in a cold environment, then definitely go for wool or cashmere. If you are looking for something a little more personal, or maybe custom made, then there is nowhere better than Etsy.
Starting your baby on solid food is a big step, and can be extremely confusing for many parents. The first six month of a babies life is the most important, and milk is the only food they are willing, and able to take. As we have mentioned many times in past articles, we highly recommend that you start your baby on only one new food type at a time. Start off with changing just one feeding per day to a solid food, and if you are making it yourself, make sure you mix the baby cereal with the same milk they were drinking before.
As soon as your baby is comfortable with eating baby cereal from a spoon, and you have gradually increased the thickness of it, then it may be time to move onto to other solid foods such as blended fruits and vegetables. Starting your baby on solid foods is an exciting part of the growing up process, but I know it can also be a stressful experience for many parents. The most important thing you must understand, is how old your baby should be when you start introducing baby food.
When you know that your child is ready for mommy and daddy foods, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which first foods are the best. As a whole, we eat nowhere near the recommended allowance of vegetables every day, and the biggest reason for that is that we have developed such a strong taste for meats, sweets, and other packaged foods, that we slowly learned to dislike the taste of vegetables. Your child has a great advantage, simply because they haven’t had the chance to develop a dis-likening for vegetables. Warming the fruit up just slightly, and mashing it with a fork will make it a lot easier to feed.
It is very important, when introducing baby food into your child’s diet, to keep an eye on their mouth and face for any rashes developing. The top health organizations around the world have proven that the most optimal time to start feeding your baby solid foods, is around 6 months after birth.
Like we said before, there are many different signs you need to look out for when determining if your young one is ready for solid foods. Baby rice is also another great food to offer to your child when first introducing baby foods.
If you have waited for the right time, and you are using healthy, fresh ingredients, then their isn’t too many problems you will run into. So to conclude, there is only so much we can share with you about when babies can start eating baby food, but we know you will make the best choices.
As always, if you spot something out of the ordinary, then seek medical advice straight away, and don’t forget to ask your Doctor for more advice. Finding healthy toddler meals that you are sure they will enjoy is actually a lot easier than you think.
Getting your toddler to appreciate healthy, wholefoods is a great way to ensure they will grow up in the best shape, and reduces the stress of trying to force feed them to eat their veggies!
Here is a list of our favorite toddler mealВ ideas which are simple, tasty, and extremely healthy. Probably the easiest, the quickest, and the most fun recipe out of the entire list is egg and soldiers.

Burritos are incredibly filling, and depending on the ingredients, they can be incredibly healthy too. If you are planning a baby shower, you are most likely aware of how important the food will be.
When you are creating this beverage, be sure to keep the baby’s sex in mind, so that you can add the proper food colorings. Whether it be the babies name, a funny joke, or a cute poem, that extra little detail will be appreciated.
Buying a good gift for the new baby girl will make the mother happy, and after the 9 months she has just been through, she definitely deserves it. For a smaller baby, or a new born, we highly recommend you stick with cotton baby blankets. Some blankets wash better than others, so if hand washing is not something you look forward to doing, then keep an eye out for the machine washable sign. If you have never heard of Etsy before, it is basically an online marketplace for people to sell their arts, crafts, and hand made things.
As you will know, if you have ready any of our past articles on starting solid foods, that we recommend you wait at least 6 months before starting your young ones on real food, and one of the best foods we recommend you start with, is baby cereal.
Always start with a low amount, and make sure you are watching for any rashes developing, or an other symptoms which are out of the ordinary. Always make sure the food is as thin as possible, and not too dense for the first few times, and your baby will only eat as much as they can. You will know when your baby is ready to try a fully solid food diet when they have no problems swallowing the food, and when they are reaching out, begging for you to feed them. Visit just one parenting forum on the internet and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of mothers asking what are the best first foods for baby. A lot of the biggest health organizations in the world have recommended that you wait until the baby is at least 6 months old, as to reduce the risk of diabetes, and the development of allergies. They are a great first food for your baby, but choosing the right one takes a little understanding.
Fruit is incredibly healthy, and you should try to introduce fruit in to your babies diet as soon as possible. According to research, introducing your baby to real foods too early, or too late, can increase the risk of allergies and type 1 diabetes. The biggest concern I hear is that the baby is refusing to swallow the real food you offer them. It’s highly recommended that you start to introduce solid foods as well as keeping their milk feeding schedule the same. The bread you choose for this meal is important, as it can be the difference between a healthy, and a not so healthy meal. Depending on when you plan on giving your child cheese is important, as it’s quite a heavy food on the stomach, and is better avoided before they go to sleep. There are not many things simpler than throwing vegetables and salsa into a wrap, but as you will know, just because it’s simple it doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. Beans are very good for your child, but I know some who can’t stand the things, so mixing them with the salsa and the veggies helps take that distinctive taste out of them a little bit. With the right assortment of finger foods, your guests will be able to enjoy and remain satisfied, until the true meal is served.
Take the time to provide some delicious foods and drinks to your guests and they will remain happy! The color will depend on the sex of the baby, but of course, you can’t go wrong with pink for a girl.
Add a little bow, and maybe even a teddy bear, and you will transform a small, inanimate gift into something the parents will remember forever. Not only are they a lot of fun for the child, they are also fantastic at developing their senses and motor skills.
Not only is cotton the most readily available type of blanket, it is also fantastic at regulating your babies body temperature whilst they are sleeping. Wool is very good at retaining moisture, and doesn’t let air through very well, so it’s perfect for those cold nights.
Just a simple search of ‘custom baby blankets’ will fetch up a huge range of designs, and colors, making it the perfect place to find the one you are looking for.

Many vendors offer next day delivery, so whatever day you order your custom baby blanket, you will be sure to have it ready for the baby within just a few days. Babies have a certain gag reflex which only allows them to suckle, and any other movements of the mouth have not developed yet. Wheat can sometimes cause allergies, since a babies digestive system hasn’t fully developed enough to break it down.
Some babies have slower digestive development than others, meaning the enzymes that are needed to break down wheat are not fully formed in their stomachs yet. The sweetness of the fruit will keep your baby happy, and hopefully, they will be screaming out for more.
It’s nothing too serious, and a little trip to your medical specialist will help sort things out, but it’s worth keeping a note of anything which does cause any abnormalities, and keeping them out of the fridge for a few months. Don’t worry if you spot one, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are allergic to the food you gave them, it just means they aren’t ready for it yet. What you have got to remember is that your baby has spent the first, and only few months of it’s life suckling on milk, not chewing food. Try switching out just one of their feeds for some baby food, until they are comfortable with eating nothing but solids. Exposing your child to a wide range of flavors and textures will help them find something healthy which they truly like. Wholegrain bread is perfect for making the soldiers, and when your child is dipping it into the warm, runny yolk of the egg, they won’t make a single comment about it not being white. Not only is yogurt lower in fat, it is also more filling than milk, helping to keep your child fuller for longer. To make it a little more exciting, try throwing in some dried fruits, or chocolate chips (Not enough to throw healthy straight out of the window). Do not forget to get an assortment of different salad dressings, since everyone has unique tastes. Obtaining this type of baby shower food can be as simple as heading to the store and making the purchase. Once you have the punch made, you can pour it in a large fish bowl or plastic tub, and then top it off with vanilla, strawberry, or blueberry ice cream, but do not forget about the little yellow ducky. If you are making the cereal yourself, try starting with 1 part dry cereal, to 4 parts water, making the food as mushy as possible. Not to say that wheat based cereals are unhealthy, it is just better to wait until your baby is fully accustomed to a solid food diet. If this happens, seek medical advice, and keep a note of the food you tried, and keep it out of your child’s diet for at least a few months.
Getting your baby started on their first baby food is actually a lot simpler than you think.
Blended carrots are a perfect way to start introducing solid foods, and are a great first food for baby.
Eating is a learned skill, and it can take time for the baby to adapt to the new eating movements. The trick is to freeze them for at least 8 hours, take them out to defrost just slightly, then throw them in the blender or food processor and blitz it up. Cutting the sandwiches into shapes, or adding multicolored sprinkles to their oatmeal are just two examples of how you can make meal times more enjoyable for your children.
A large peeled melon can be utilized for the baby’s head, which should be placed into the watermelon, so that it looks like it is snug and comfy. A lot of store bought baby cereal foods tend to be full of unwanted additives and chemicals. It sounds crazy, but when you try this for the first time, you will realize how crazy you used to be for not waking up to a bowl of it every morning.
Of course, you’re likely going to be the host of the party and should keep everyone happy with foods and drinks.

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