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If eating healthy is one of your goals for 2011, I suggest investing in some quality cookbooks to enhance your culinary experience.
The 38 power foods that made the cut to be included in the cookbook are high in: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber, and more.
All the recipes follow the alkaline way of eating, which is based on the simple truth that the foods we eat have an important effect on our body’s acid-alkaline balance.
If you live in London, you can also book cooking lessons with Natasha and order wheat, gluten, cows dairy, and sugar free food to be delivered right to your door. Queen of Retreats uses a hand-picked team of international journalists and other published writers with a keen knowledge and passion for spas, retreats and healthy holidays to bring you editorially driven and independently written reviews.
It's not surprising that avocados, broccoli, and salmon made the list, but you'll find recipes for sweet potatoes, sable fish (high in omega-3 fatty acids), and pistachios.

The new cookbook Power Foods ($25) will certainly have you sharpening your knives and preheating your oven. It’s packed with vibrantly photographed, easy-to-follow recipes for interesting soups, salads, lunches, suppers and snacks, most of which are relatively easy to make even for the busiest among us. Forget sloppy veggie curries with rice – recipes I’ve found especially good include a healthy version of pea carbonara, a tomato and mushroom dahl, a spanish omelette with dill and sweet potato and a marvellously tasty granola. Each power food is given an informational page listing its health benefits, which are cross-referenced with recipes featuring the ingredient — handy! A quintessential health-food cookbook, the pages are filled with recipes featuring 38 potent ingredients. There's also a section in the back on how to use these power foods to combat different health issues like arthritis to hypertension.

Just because the nutritional properties of the ingredients were the most important criterion for their inclusion doesn't mean that the 150 recipes included in the book skimp on taste. The bold photos of each recipe capture the flavor of each dish and the soon-to-be cook's imagination.

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