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The further we advance technologically, the further we move away from truly understanding where our food comes from. Not only will this book expose kids to a variety of vegetable types, but it explains how they're grown and why they're healthy to eat. For such a vintage-looking book, Blueberries for Sal certainly stands up to its "classic" status. Open up the "farm-to-fork" dialogue with this story about a little boy who thinks he know where his food comes from: the supermarket. Rather than sit through the Bee Movie, this children's book teaches kids all about bees — where they live, what they do, and how honey is made.

Take a shopping trip through the Farmer's Market with this award-winning picture book, which details how each item is grown or produced.
To teach them about their food and create healthy attitudes about nutrition, agriculture, and sustainability. Children's books have a way of permeating our psyches in a way that television and movies simply can't. I especially love exposing my son to the traditional practice of picking food and canning it for the winter. That's until a cow and some chickens show up to teach him where exactly his food is coming from.

It just might make them look at those "boring" shopping trips from a different (and healthier) perspective.

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