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Students at Stephen Foster Elementary School learn the basics of nutrition education from retired University of Florida dietetics professor Dr.
Students at Stephen Foster Elementary School in Gainesville will be introduced to these foods as part of a county-wideВ pilot nutrition education program called Kids in the Kitchen.
The program was started onВ March 11 by Pamela McMahon, a retired University of Florida faculty member and registered dietician.
Kids in the Kitchen is the first program of its kind in Alachua County, providing nutritional education in anВ after-school setting. McMahon said Foster Elementary was selected for the program because, as a Title 1 school, its students qualify for 100 percent free lunch.
The students work with McMahon and her UF student volunteers to learn about nutritious foods.В SheВ introduces these foods using a curriculum created by the University of Missouri and she diversifies it to meet the needs of her students. The students play food-related games to handle fruits and vegetablesВ that many of themВ were not previously familiar with.
The cooking supplies and food used at Foster Elementary were donatedВ byВ the Family Nutrition Program at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, the Florida Component of the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education.
In order for a school to qualifyВ to participate in Kids in the Kitchen, 51 percent or more of its students must be receivingВ free or reduced lunch.
Many Foster Elementary students live in low-income neighborhoods nearВ the school, said Bailey Bruce,В the extended day program enrichment coordinator. McMahon said Alachua County is doing a lot to make sure students have access to healthier meal options. Sheldon hopes the program will take off next year and even expand into the normal school day. Currently, 20 elementary schools meet the qualifications for nutritional education to be provided by the county. This entry was posted in Education and tagged Alachua County, Alachua County Family Nutrition Program, Cafeteria food, Family Nutrition Program, Healthy food, Kids in the Kitchen, nutrition, nutritional education, school lunches, Stephen Foster Elementary School, Title 1 schools. Educators play an important role in teaching children and teenagers about nutritious and balanced diets that include wholesome milk, cheese and yogurt.
The House Education and Workforce Committee held its first hearing this week to address the re-authorization of critical child nutrition programs, including the school breakfast and lunch programs. There was widespread agreement among participants—which included representatives from anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength, the President of the School Nutrition Association, the first lady of Virginia, and a researcher from the Texas Hunger Initiative—that child nutrition programs are critical in addressing the crisis of childhood hunger. What is not clear is whether GOP lawmakers will support maintaining the nutrition standards phased in since the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which significantly raised the nutrition standards for school meals.
Donna West, a food service professional for 14 years in Alabama’sВ Scottsboro City School System, hopes not only that the nutrition standards of school meals are maintained, but that other important aspects of the law are expanded and funded, including training for school food service professionals. Professional development should provide school food service workers with additional knowledge about nutrition, and hands-on learning to help them efficiently prepare meals from fresh, raw ingredients—which means students benefit as well. The National School Lunch Program feeds more than 30 million students, and 13 million students take advantage of the School Breakfast Program. According to Share Our Strength’s Teacher’s 2013 report, 73% of educators report having students who regularly come to school hungry. The hearing also touched on the need to expand the Summer Food Service Program, which serves low-income children when school is not in session. Successful breakfast programs highlight the critical role of schools in feeding hungry kids as the reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act looms. Under a proposed bill in Congress backed by Republicans, schools could receive waivers from the USDA to temporarily abandon school nutrition standards if their lunch programs have continually lost revenue. Actually, it’s incorrect to think we all want healthy, hunger-free kids, and we see this in our social policies concerning the poor. Located on the grounds of the King Ranch in Kingsville, Santa Gertrudis School, originally was established for the families who work on the King Ranch, and the current school facility, which opened in 2010 and features historical displays honoring the heritage of the King Ranch.
The Houston-based Recipe for Success Foundation was founded in 2005 on the principle that kids who learn to garden and cook make better food choices in life.

When you think of typical classroom pets, lizards, various small rodents, and fish are usually the first to come to mind.
My Favorite Holiday Food Writing Contest winner David Gallegos was awarded his grand prize last week: becoming Chef for a Day at The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa. I ran into David this week and he pulled me aside to tell me that since becoming Chef for a Day his mother now lets him cook side by side with her, even teaching her a few things he picked up from Chef Neal. Last month students from Rodriguez Elementary School got a taste of La Vista, Chef Greg Gordon's chic Galleria bistro serving delicious New American cuisine.
At MacGregor Elementary, our students collected rosemary, oregano, sage, and bay laurel stems to create aromatic, herb bouquet gifts. A hard freeze in Houston was in the forecast, and the kids were worried about the future of all these soon-to-be butterflies. Over the following weeks, my classes observed these caterpillars turn into chrysalises, from dewy green to black and orange.
Never before had I held captive chrysalises and I found myself being just as rapt with their life cycle as the kids, particularly when the butterflies emerged! Chef Randy showed students how to make "rice" with cauliflower, upping nutrient levels and lowering calories, all while sending the tastiness factor off the charts. Since 2006, Chef Randy has volunteered in our classrooms, charming and educating students with restaurant secrets and the finest culinary skills. Let us know how you are healthily enjoying the sweet side of this season's best ingredient!
I recently sat down with My Favorite Holiday Food Writing Contest winner David Gallegos, a fourth-grader from MacGregor Elementary School. More school gardens are popping up, and the county has hired a local organic farmerВ who provides lettuce to the schools.
Eligible items include clothing priced under $100, school supplies $15 or less per item and personal computers on the first $750 of sale prices. It uses air dryers, microwaves and old projector TVs to raise the publics interest in science. Plans to rezone several schools in the county came about due to overcrowding in some schools.
The programs are put into place to reduce disruptions migrant children face in their education due to frequent moves. The Southeast Dairy Association is happy to provide classroom tools that will help students of all ages learn the benefits of healthy eating habits.
Conservative lawmakers have attempted to roll back the heightened nutrition standards that were implemented in phases between 2012 and 2014. For some children, the meals they receive at school will be the most nutritious they eat all day. Hunger affects children’s key cognitive abilities, depriving them of motivation and attentiveness, and can devastate their academic performance. Young children have such enthusiasm for learning and when new things are introduced it is motivating to everyone. The competition is a summation of the Seed-to-Plate classes for the school year as students' cooking skills are put to the test to make a dish without a recipe.
Founder Gracie Cavnar and her organization developed gardens and cooking programs at a select number of showcase schools in at-risk schools across Houston and began expanding from there. After registration and training are complete, the schools certified S2P instructors have online access to the full curriculum library of 400+ lesson plans, expert support, webinars, forums, and more to enable them to deliver this fun and effective nutritional programming. She also says she is grateful for the support of a loyal crew of five volunteers, who have assisted with the S2P program at Cedar Brook Elementary since it began. Little Chef David was greeted with his very own embroidered Houstonian chef's jacket and hat. Adding dried leaves, hay, or even newspapers around plants conserves water and keeps the soil warm.

Families are gathering, joyful music is playing, kitchens are warm with baking, and of course, people are frantically shopping. These handmade gifts are fun for kids (and adults!) to make, not to mention affordable and environmentally friendly. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so many kids have marshmallows and mashed sweet potatoes on the brain. It should be no surprise then on October 24 every year thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate Food Day, a day to enjoy and support the movement for affordable, sustainable, real food. Kids in the Kitchen is a county-wide program sponsored by the Department of Children and Families, UF and the USDA.
These fun nutrition worksheets for high school, middle school and elementary school students make learning about nutrition exciting. It is so important to change the thinking of our children when they are young and then they can help teach their families.
Each school must also cover their own consumables, culinary supplies and garden start-up materials.
Executive Chef Neal Cox wasted no time introducing Chef David to the Houstonian's large kitchens and staff. At the lunch table he was joined by family, teachers, and Chef Neal to enjoy the fruits of his labor. As Chef Randy led students on the epicurean exploration, he regaled them with stories of his Kitchen Inferno episode "Milk and Cookies: Get Ready to Crumble", which debuted this past week on the Food Network. The days leading up to Halloween, I let the sinister eyes and bat-shaped mouth sit a glow on my stoop, lighting up my inner childlike glee. Yet, the event energized students to bring their own jack-o-lanterns from home to put in our school compost.
After the ceremony, participants including councilmembers Steve Costello and David Robinson, the City's Director of Sustainability Laura Spanjian, planted beet seeds in the school gardens. The students will learn to plant and cultivate fruits and vegetables, learn about nutrition and learn to how to cook with the produce they harvest from their own garden.
Schools then send two or more of their own staff through the S2P web-based training and certification program.
Before they arrived, students spruced up the worms new home, known as "The Worm Hotel," with wet newspaper strips and banana peels.
On the menu for the day was Carrot and Apple Soup, Pork Tenderloin with Soba Noodles, and Wild Blueberry Pie with Lemon Ice Cream - quite a large feast for this little chef to prepare!
Shy to start flying at first, they were serenaded by the class singing "Let It Go" and "I Believe I Can Fly" in complete earnest and support of these tiny creatures. To balance its sweetness, the kids made a yogurt-garlic sauce to drizzle on top and then added a garnish of garden fresh radish slices for extra crunch. It is my hope that other schools learn about our program and want to pursue it with their campuses.
Over the past several years, we have continued to educate and encourage our employees through our own wellness program.
One kindergartner exclaimed during this nesting activity that, "a worm is the greatest pet in the world." I couldn't agree more - low maintenance, inexpensive, silent, and their excretion helps us grow healthy food. There is such a need in South Texas to help everyone learn about becoming healthier," said Mary Springs, Superintendent, Santa Gertrudis ISD.

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