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Prime members also enjoy FREE Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, and Kindle books. There are a variety of cooking shows on television and online that not only teach us how to cook but also expose us to healthy recipes and foods that we might not otherwise try. Books and magazines have a lot to offer our children when it comes to learning about healthy eating and nutrition. There are many famous chefs available to help us teach our children about healthy eating and nutrition. If you search the internet you’re likely to find thousands of websites with healthy recipes which are also a wealth of information about nutrition.
Gym and health teachers are also a great resource for teaching kids about nutrition and healthy living.
Even with all of these great resources for exposing your children to healthy eating, you are the most important influence. This entry was posted in Ages 3+, Ages 4+, Ages 5+, Ages 6+, Ages 7+, Ages 8+ and tagged food. World Snacks series by Amy Wilson Sanger two of our favorites are First Book of Sushi and Hola!
Bread and Jam for Frances (my personal favorite!!!) I quote it when we eat spaghetti and meatballs much to the bemusement of my children!
Thankfully, many of these resources are readily available and either inexpensive or free for us to use.

Although many of these television programs are geared for adults, there are some out there for children as well. You can find them in all sorts of media from books to magazines to documentaries and television programs. There are also millions of cookbooks that contain healthy recipes and even nutritional guides to help us teach our children about healthy eating. They can teach us how to cook for our kids and how to eat in the healthiest ways to be a good example for the children. Children often mimic their parent’s behavior and if you eat healthy, they will want to do the same. Let kids pick out their own fresh fruits and vegetables, and then they are more likely to eat them.
Pizza is my favorite food to cook with kids, so I sought out a good picture book about pizza.
Eat Healthy, Feel Great by the Sears is a fantastic, practical guide to eating healthy with kids!
I have a great little collection of books that my parents saved, but many of the picture books are too brittle to let my kids handle by themselves. It is so important for kids to learn about eating healthy at a young age so they will know how to eat for a long, healthy life. There are books and magazine articles for every age group starting with picture books for toddlers and going through to adulthood.

Many of these professional chefs have a college education behind them and have a lot of knowledge to offer both us and our children. Some nutritionists will even work directly with the kids to teach them about nutrition and how to eat right for health.
For a meatier lesson about vegetables and plant parts, pair with The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons and let kids examine and taste various types of vegetables. In Bread and Jam for Frances, Frances initially turns up her nose at all food other than bread and jam. For example, Charlie tells Lola that the carrots he has served are orange twiglets from Jupiter. In Pizza at Sally’s, Wellington simply introduces the ingredients needed to make pizza and describes how Sally makes a pizza. However, when her mother decides to serve Frances only bread and jam, Frances quickly misses eating a variety of foods.

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