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Gut or digestive issues can be temporary (you went overboard on Mexican food last night), but for many people they’re chronic, disruptive and painful. You know that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a no-no, but what you may not have heard is that they have the ability to wreak havoc on your gut. While antibiotics are designed to kill off harmful bacteria, probiotics do just the opposite – they keep your insides flourishing with a healthy colony of good germs.
If you think of your entire digestive tract as like one big Slip ‘N Slide, you can see why lack of water is a problem. Food allergies can lead to inflammation in all areas of the body, but especially in your gut. If you’re thinking, “I’ve done all of these things, and my gut is still giving me grief,” you’re not alone. While gut problems are indeed common, don’t just assume you have IBS if you’ve had long-lasting symptoms like cramping, pain or diarrhea.
No matter what your health issue is, the 4R program is sure to help you and your gut heal naturally. Leaky gut syndrome can also contribute to mental health disturbances because 95% of your neurotransmitters are located in your gut. I’ve decided to share what I did here so that you can heal your gut after antibiotics as well. If you know that you will be on a course of antibiotics, it’s best to start the following healing protocols as soon as possible. Limit your consumption of sugar and simple carbs, as bad bacteria in the gut thrive on these foods.
Stop eating processed and packaged foods, or limit your consumption of these foods as much as possible if you cannot stop eating them completely.
Probiotics are good bacteria that are needed by the body to promote good digestion and gut health.
The most widely known strain of probiotic bacteria is Lactobacillus, which is sold in over the counter probiotic supplements and can also be found in foods such as yogurt, cheese, and naturally fermented foods such as pickles (not the vinegar pickles commonly found in stores). Lactobacillus is just one strain of probiotic among many, and as I said before, the more strains of probiotics that populate your digestive system the better.
The best way to get a variety of probiotic strains into your digestive system is by eating a variety of fermented and cultured foods, which are foods that have been preserved and populated with naturally occurring strains of good bacteria.
Kombucha – This naturally fermented tea drink is made from a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that feeds on the sugar and caffeine in the tea. Fermented Vegetables – Before we began canning, freezing, and pickling foods with vinegar, our ancestors used a more natural approach to preserving vegetables.
If you are not used to taking probiotic foods, or your gut health is very imbalanced following antibiotics, you will need to ease into eating probiotic foods slowly. A small amount of one of these prebiotic foods should be eaten daily in addition to probiotic foods in order to promote the growth of good bacteria within your digestive system. Bone broth and gelatin can help your body heal and restore the mucosal lining in your digestive system (which can be damaged during antibiotic use or through poor diet).В  They are also anti-inflammatory foods.
Bone broth already contains gelatin, so if you are consuming homemade bone broth you will not necessarily need to supplement your diet with other forms of gelatin. If you want to learn more about how bone broth can benefit your health, I highly recommend Broth: Elixir of Life by Loving Our Guts.

Those who find only limited healing with the above suggestions or who want to heal faster may choose to eat an intensive healing diet.
My family followed the GAPS diet for a few months in 2012 in order to kickstart our healing from various digestive issues, allergies, and more. I would love to hear your experiences or suggestions in healing from antibiotic use int he comments.
I have been eating yogurt regularly for years, and kimchi when I can get it, but my gut has not healed.
Indeed, your gut may be the most forthcoming part of your body, unable to mask the symptoms when something is wrong – and that’s a good thing. And if you and your doctor have already ruled out other potential conditions that may be causing the problem, you’re probably wondering why the bloating, constipation, flatulence and other irritating issues won’t let up.
Since stress, diet and some medications can upset this balance, it’s important to refuel with probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh and kombucha (avoid those sparkling probiotic drinks unless they’re naturally low in sugar).
You can try the elimination method with certain foods to see if your digestive issues clear up, but it may also be worth getting an allergy panel test done by your doctor.
It helps to remove toxins, it keeps things moving and it protects your digestive tract from inflammation, injury and disease. In that case, it may be helpful to try a detox or supplement program specifically aimed at cleansing your digestive organs.
Myers’ method in diagnosing and treating gut infections in order to achieve optimal gut health. I have been made aware that my gut is totally unhappy and its time i took the right steps to heal myself. Got diagnosed with celiacs 4 years ago and my gut is still unhappy despite eliminating dairy, soy, corn 100% no luck!
Myers, I realize you have a lot of questions coming your way so I will try and be brief in hopes for your reply. I would recommend setting up an appointment with me or another functional medicine practitioner to look into your results.
I want to know if my gut can still heal with the things I mentioned above regardless of me eating foods that can hurt the gut, although I will limit these foods. When you have leaky gut syndrome, the tight junctions that hold your gut together break apart, allowing undigested food, bacteria, and yeast into your bloodstream.
When those neurotransmitters become depleted, it can cause a noticeable disruption in your mood and behavior. Amy Myers, author of The Immune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases, discuss how to heal your gut naturally by removing toxins, restoring healthy gut bacteria, inoculating against further infection, and repairing the damage naturally.
Anything you do to promote gut health before, during, and after antibiotic treatment is better than nothing.
You may find it best to eliminate these foods altogether while you are healing from antibiotics.
If you don’t have the desire to make your own, you can buy fermented vegetables from a few select companies. Basically, prebiotics are nondigestible food ingredients that make it easier for beneficial bacteria to thrive within your digestive system. I credit the GAPS diet for teaching much of what I know about healing foods and reverted to much of what I had learned from GAPS in order to heal from my use of long term antibiotics.

Her goal is to help people take one step at a time toward a happier, healthier, more natural life. Your gut must assimilate nutrients, prevent toxins from permeating cells and move everything along in a timely fashion. Your gut also shields your immune system, so when it’s compromised, you’re more vulnerable to becoming sick. It moves things along in your gut and helps sweep away toxins through your urine and feces. Knowing you’re allergic to casein, for example, could offer invaluable insight about how to change your diet for the better. I offer two kits, My Gut Needs Love or My Gut Needs Advanced Love, that are designed to calm inflammation, remove toxins and give your gut the TLC it needs to become shiny and clean again. If dietary changes or cleansing doesn’t alleviate your symptoms, it’s best to see your doctor to determine if there might be an underlying issue. She is a board-certified gynecologist who teaches natural hormone balancing in her novel online programs so that women can lose weight, detoxify, and slow down aging.
This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Our objective is to empower you to discover the root cause of your symptoms and be able to self-treat at home with food and supplements.В During the course, you will have access to a number of worksheets, shopping guides, and checklists that you can complete in the comfort of your home. When this occurs, your immune system begins to destroy healthy tissue, triggering an autoimmune disease. I appreciate your recommendation to include into on symptoms of bad gut health and will put it on my list to possibly add to or write a new post in the future.
So if you think of the gut as being the “custodian” of an organism – sweeping out the debris to make sure things don’t rot, fester or cause disease – you can see why the rest of your body will suffer if your gut can’t do that quickly and efficiently. Dietary imbalances (too much sugar, processed foods, overeating), medication use, mineral deficiencies and even stress can also change the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract, leaving you susceptible to a host of different health conditions. There is evidence that exposure to GMOs can increase risk for gluten intolerance (which can manifest as various gut-disturbing symptoms). It raises cortisol and contributes to leaky gut syndrome – a condition that includes vague symptoms like bloating, cramps, gas, and food sensitivities. The more worksheets and checklists you complete, the more you will able to determine which protocol is best for you. The focus of this 4-hour eCourse is to provide a detailed understanding of the importance of a healthy gut and the tools to achieve optimal gut health. Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or using any treatment for a health problem.
If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly. The only thing I would like to see in your post is more on the symptoms of bad gut health such as psychiatric disorders and so on.
After this process was completed I began to take Iberogast (recommended by the nutritionist) to help with healing my stomach for two months. I began to incorporate fruit back into my diet, stopped eating meat, no gluten or dairy because noticed that I still have foul smelling stool, excessive gas and occasionally a burning sensation in my gut.

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