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A new theory is emerging that an unhealthy, leaky gut is the cause of autoimmune illness symptoms. Leaky Gut Syndrome is an interesting subject because so many of us have this without even knowing it. The cells that line our intestines are closely knit together and have a glue-like substance that keeps the space between these cells secure, which makes sure the barrier function of our intestines is working optimally.В  The good bacteria that fills up our intestinal lining (100 Trillion of them) help to make sure this glue and barrier are working. In some cases, this glue between our cells breaks down and causes openings between the cells which allows yeast, toxins, undigested food particles and bacteria to leak into our blood stream and is identified by our immune system which lies beneath the surface of the intestinal lining.
When we have an overgrowth of yeast, parasites or harmful bacteria or we don’t have enough good bacteria in our guts, we have what is called Dysbiosis and this is what can lead to a leaky gut.

When we have a leaky gut, we’re prone to developing numerous food sensitivities because all the food we eat leaks below the intestinal lining and is identified by our immune system, which reacts to these particles because they see them as foreign.
Ghee, which is clarified butter helps balance the immune cells in your gut and can help heal your leaky gut.
I took Oil of Oregano and Grapefruit Seed Extract Capsules daily to kill off the bad bacteria and yeast (Candida) in my digestive tract. The surface area of our intestines is the size of a tennis court if you untangled them; this is a lot of intestinal lining when you think about it.
Coconut Oil is loaded with a source of fuel for your cells and inhibits the growth of viruses and yeast.

Glutamine is an amino acid that’s critical for healing leaky gut syndrome because it is the most important food for the cells that line the intestines.

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