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The recommended diet for a stomach ulcer has changed over the years with increased understanding of what actually causes the condition.
In recent years it has come to light that the overwhelming majority of stomach ulcers are in fact caused by the bacteria Heliobacter pylori, though in some individuals diet can certainly play an aggravating role. The University of Maryland Medical Center asserts diet is generally not a significant factor in the prognosis for a stomach ulcer. While most sources seem to agree, to the great relief of ulcer patients, no particular foods need to be universally avoided, there is some evidence that certain foods may promote healing. The University of Michigan Health System further recommends drinking one quart (roughly one liter) of fresh cabbage juice daily for 10 to 14 days, and that relief of symptoms may occur after just a few days of treatment. Similarly, there is some evidence the use of honey may have a healing effect on stomach ulcers. In the past, ulcer sufferers have observed the recommendation to avoid both stress and many foods was asking the impossible, since every dietary decision seemed to induce stress. Leaky Gut Syndrome Isn’t Only Scary, But Extremely Dangerous to Your Health – This is More Than a Poop Issue! However, what most people don’t realize is that leaky gut is not only a stomach issue, but is also a dangerous risk factor to your health.

I’ve tried almost every “diet” in the world, whether it was back when I was trying to add muscle to play college sports, lose weight when I was 60lbs heavier or fix my health after that.
I do want to encourage you to explore your pattern with food, though – to get curious, fascinated and excited to discover your patterns. I wouldn’t be healthy, and for that matter, I might not be alive today, if it wasn’t for the community that got me through it all. Now we’re here together as part of this amazing community… going through this crazy healing journey with others who know what it’s like. Marc David and Emily Rosen are some of the most talented and caring people I’m friends with in the health industry. On June 22nd, they kick off their No-Cost Future of Healing Virtual Conference, where you can listen to me and 70+ other experts speaking on a host of topics that pertain to creating amazing health and great lives. While ulcer sufferers were once doomed to a diet of bland and tasteless foods, recent evidence indicates this may not be necessary. Later, the focus shifted to diet, and ulcer patients were cautioned to avoid spicy, salty, acidic, or fatty foods - in other words, just about everything - and instead adopt a bland diet menu. With this in mind, treatment usually takes the form of antibiotic therapy or other pharmaceutical medications, and lifestyle factors such as diet are modified to accelerate healing and avoid irritation.

You may find certain foods irritate your ulcer more than others, and should discuss dietary modifications with your doctor as one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The University of Michigan Health System recommends chewable licorice to boost the healing of the mucous membrane in your stomach. Now that you know no foods are truly off limits and very few are even discouraged, you can enjoy stress-free eating and focus on including foods that will speed your healing process.
By adopting your own healing diet for a stomach ulcer and avoiding foods that seem to be irritating to you personally, you can speed your healing while still enjoying many foods you love. As with cabbage, there may not be a great deal of research supporting this dietary measure, but you are unlikely to do any harm by adding a tablespoon of honey to your chamomile tea or oatmeal. While there is comparatively little supporting evidence for the use of cabbage juice for a stomach ulcer, there is also very little risk in attempting the treatment. By entering your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to subscribe to our email list.

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