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Proteins and toxins from undigested food particles then leak through and make it into your bloodstream. Certain foods that are harder to digest (grains, gluten, cow’s dairy) increase the likelihood of leaky gut, because they too cause inflammation (and remember, an inflamed gut means the tight junctions in the intestinal wall widen, letting particles leak through). OTC meds, pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, antacids, painkillers: these irritate the gut lining and increase permeability. It’s a standard warning they have to put on every supplement, but it does not contain lead.
If you have an inflamed gut or a leaky gut, you wont be absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you’re eating.
It weakens immune function, increases inflammation, jacks cortisol levels, and all these factors contribute to leaky gut.

You tend to harbor gut infections like parasites and pathogenic bacteria when you have any degree of intestinal inflammation because your gut is your first line of defense for the immune system. Add back in one at a time after 30 days (except gluten, which activates inflammatory zonulin activity in the gut!) to see if you react. YOUR PURCHASE HELPS SUPPORT MY WORK IN BRINGING YOU REAL INFORMATION ABOUT NUTRITION AND HEALTH.
Now, every time you eat that food and it leaks into your bloodstream, your body recognizes the protein from that food as an invader, your immune system fires, and cytokines are released.
OR, Candida (yeast) overgrowth may occur from poor diet or antibiotics, and candida causes the inflammation that leads to leaky gut.
Remember that continuously eating foods you may have sensitivities to exacerbates leaky gut and causes continuous immune system firing.

Thinking maybe because my diet is so healthy I’m not getting the excessive symptoms as fas as someone would get if they were eating a lot of processed and toxic ingredients. First, it works better than any other stomach product I tried but then I learned it can caused reproductive damage due to a lead content, which is why it is not for sale in CA.
Whatever else is in your small intestine (yeast, other toxins, bacteria) can leak into the bloodstream too, adding to your toxic load and making you feel crappy.
So either the inflammation contributes to gut infections, or the gut infections cause the inflammation.

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