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The brutal honest truth is simple; HCG is NOT supported by any high-quality research as being an effective weight loss aid (see below). The HCG Diet incorporates an excessively low daily caloric intake of around 500 calories (see below).
There is a lack of scientific data to support the notion that adding HCG to a kcal restricted diet furthers weight loss or increases satiety123. The many frustrations involved in most weight loss programs provide the perfect breeding atmosphere for diet scams.
This information is not intended to take the place of medical advice.Please check with your health care providers prior to starting any new dietary or exercise program. Keven Trudeau’s phase one was all about completing a total body cleans, Jayne oped to go that rout, but for me, I skipped Keven phase one, and started the HCG Diet phase one instead.
I also discovered that you could also mix HCG up so that it could be placed under your tongue twice a day. You’re about to discover the secret behind HCG-90X and HCG Body for Life!, I have learned quite a lot about how to build muscle and burn fat naturally and permanently using this protocol and we hope this website will inspire you to take the HCG Body for Life 40 day challenge.

Get my complete reports that reveal how to use HCG to burn aways pounds a day of body fat.- My proven techniques revealed!Discover why when others fail you'll be skyrocketed to success! More rarely, HCG is also used in pre-puberty boys to assist in the normal dropping of the testicles into the scrotum, or used as a signaling hormone which causes the testes to release testosterone. Usually the individual has purchased a worthless fraudulent OTC HCG-wannabe, but they’ve still lost weight. Not only is 500 calories about Вј the calories required to obtain the proper nutrients for a healthy diet, it’s insufficient to maintain the energy for a typical healthy adult.
Remember, HCG is NOT available as an OTC nutraceutical regardless how convincing the website or advertisement may appear. Simeon is the creator of the HCG protocol and he started it on obesity patients over 50 years ago. The HCG diet phase 1 consisted of colon cleansing, metal cleanses, detoxing the body and complicated schedules and tons of supplements. More rarely, they’ve actually found a clinic willing to prescribe HCG as a weight loss aid.

Even if an individual does stumble upon a clinic that’s willing to offer prescription HCG, the majority of any weight loss will be due to the calorically restricted diet and not the drug. HCG is ONLY available by prescription and usually administered by a qualified licensed physician. The HCG diet protocol then lay pretty much ignored until Kevin Trudeau wrote, The Weight Loss Cure with its onerous HCG diet phase 1. This low metabolism subsequently results in rapid weight gain after the low-calorie diet ends as the individual resumes normal caloric intake, with or without HCG.

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