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HCG Diet Recipes and Cookbook 50 HCG Diet Recipes Our Free HCG Diet Summary Get th Secret HCG Recipes that Everyone is Looking for by CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformAbout this HCG Recipe and Cookbook brought to you by Country Cooking Publishing and M. HCG Drops Diet Program Booklet HCG Diet Universe Volume 1 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformThe HCG Diet Program protocol revised and simplified for the HCG Drops Diet. Any product that contains less than 125 iu of real hCG, which includes the 3x, 6x, 12x, that homeopathic promotes, will not produce the benefits of taking hCG like protecting your muscles and bone while on a VLCD of 500 calories, resetting your hypothalamus, releasing your abnormal fat, and keeping your structural fat. The FDA and FTC are taking action against homeopathic hCG not only calling it fraud but pulling them off the market.
I bought the HCG drops (Bodyshaper) back in april i come back here to reorder and now i see its a new product offered, i see u have reported they n longer make these but on the website bodyshaper,com they are still offered, i guess my question is will i be eligible for a refill or need to get a rx.

HCG Diet: The Only HCG Diet Guide You Need (The Revolutionary HCG Diet - Lose Weight Fast Book 1) - Kindle edition by Thomas Hunter. When buying sublingal hCG you should know that all hCG must be keep cool and stored in a dark colored or amber bottle. King: This book is meant for anyone seeking hcg recipes and more information on the extremely popular hcg diet. Simeons tested many dosages to find the effective range and for over 50 years real hCG has be the most effective tool for quick effective fat loss.
Any hCG products that contains alcohol will kill the hCG hormone making it worthless and ineffective at releasing your stored body fat.

Any product that is stored on store shelves and states it can be stored for up to 3 years doesn't contain hCG. Using the same hormone while not pregnant but in a dosage range of 125-200 iu per day would release abnormal fat stores in both men and women enabling them to lose weight without hunger while eating a 500 calorie diet.

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