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Keven Trudeau’s phase one was all about completing a total body cleans, Jayne oped to go that rout, but for me, I skipped Keven phase one, and started the HCG Diet phase one instead. I also discovered that you could also mix HCG up so that it could be placed under your tongue twice a day. You’re about to discover the secret behind HCG-90X and HCG Body for Life!, I have learned quite a lot about how to build muscle and burn fat naturally and permanently using this protocol and we hope this website will inspire you to take the HCG Body for Life 40 day challenge. Get my complete reports that reveal how to use HCG to burn aways pounds a day of body fat.- My proven techniques revealed!Discover why when others fail you'll be skyrocketed to success! There are three phases in HCG diet plan which are loading phase, maintenance phase and stabilization phase which plays a vital role in reducing body weight quickly without any side effects. Maintenance phase is not mere restricted to 21 days but can be stretched to 40 days as it entirely depends on achieving the goal weight. The homeopathic diet drops of HCG also contain B12 vitamin, Cell Salts and real glycoprotein hormone.

The HCG diet phase 1 consisted of colon cleansing, metal cleanses, detoxing the body and complicated schedules and tons of supplements. The loading phase is the first phase in the HCG diet plan in which dieter is allowed to consume 1500-200 calories daily. Once the 40 days are over or goal weight is achieved, dieters need to get started with stabilization phase which is the final phase of HCG diet period. The HCG diet protocol then lay pretty much ignored until Kevin Trudeau wrote, The Weight Loss Cure with its onerous HCG diet phase 1.
It includes a daily consumption of a total 500 calorie meal along with 10 to 15 sublingual drops three times a day. High calorie food is consumed by dieter so that the abnormal fat reserve plays a vital role in preparing the body to combat during the low calorie days. In this phase, there is a transition of low calorie diet to a controlled diet with moderate calorie restrictions.

Maintenance phase is the second phase of the HCG diet in which dieter need to maintain 500 calorie diet with correct HCG dosage which is 10-15 drops thrice a day or 6-10 drops six times a day. Dieter needs to completely avoid sugar and starch rich food in order to stabilize the lost weight. 1-2 oz ampoules of diet drops that come with calibrated dropper are available online and over the counter drug stores.

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