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Keven Trudeau’s phase one was all about completing a total body cleans, Jayne oped to go that rout, but for me, I skipped Keven phase one, and started the HCG Diet phase one instead. I also discovered that you could also mix HCG up so that it could be placed under your tongue twice a day. You’re about to discover the secret behind HCG-90X and HCG Body for Life!, I have learned quite a lot about how to build muscle and burn fat naturally and permanently using this protocol and we hope this website will inspire you to take the HCG Body for Life 40 day challenge. Get my complete reports that reveal how to use HCG to burn aways pounds a day of body fat.- My proven techniques revealed!Discover why when others fail you'll be skyrocketed to success!

Part of the reason HCG Triumph drops are so successful are the special 500 calorie and 1500 calorie diets used during different phases of the HCG diet. If you combine this HCG diet food list with HCG drops and follow the guidelines included in the HCG Triumph Guide Book, you can expect amazing weight loss results!
The HCG diet phase 1 consisted of colon cleansing, metal cleanses, detoxing the body and complicated schedules and tons of supplements. With the healthy foods on the list and the great recipes you can try, the HCG diet is also delicious!

The HCG diet protocol then lay pretty much ignored until Kevin Trudeau wrote, The Weight Loss Cure with its onerous HCG diet phase 1.

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