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Before you buy any HCG, you want to make sure that what you are buying is the real hCG hormone. You want to purchase HCG from a reputable company that is qualified to deal with the hCG hormone. Ease of Use – Without a doubt, hCG diet drops are much easier to use in everyday life than hCG injections. Since hCG should always be taken according to a schedule, the hCG injection method can be very inconvenient. Effectiveness – There is often a question of whether or not hCG drops or hCG injections are more effective.
Whether you take hCG in drops or injection form, this natural weight loss aid is without additives or harsh chemicals. HCG does not use harsh chemicals that can damage cells and bodily functions to unnaturally force your body to lose weight – an hCG injection or hCG drops get the job done merely by influencing the brain’s function in a natural manner. When reducing your caloric intake for your drops or injection diet plan, always be sure to reduce it to a safe amount for your size and weight.
If you are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and to start losing weight in way that is both fast and safe, there is no option more effective than hCG diet drops.
The hCG drops that can be bought at your local Wal-Mart or online without a prescription are simply a few cents worth of grain alcohol placed in an official-looking bottle with a pretty label, impressive packaging, and glossy instructions.
If you've heard of people who have had great results with these fake hCG drops, we explain how that can happen and the side effects that can accompany it below.
Pure, pharmaceutical grade HCG ---- the injectable stuff that really works---is still effective when taken sublingually. There are pharmaceutical grade HCG drops - the same liquid can be injected or dropped under the tongue. Pharmaceutical HCG CAN  be taken under the tongue, but usually requires a double dose to be as effective as injecting it directly. There are a lot of companies out there who, whether by design or ignorance (some are well-meaning people), are making and promoting fake hCG. You can still lose weight with the fake HCG because of the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), but there are side effects.

The HCG hormone is used to unlock unwanted fat and tells your body to use it for energy, while sparing your muscle and keeping you from being hungry. My husband actually bailed out of this diet (HCG diet without real HCG) partway through the 3rd week, because he was getting too thin (6% body fat) and still had that hated belly fat pouch. Please, don’t waste your money or your health by going on The HCG Diet without the real, pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone. The real pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone usually requires a prescription (Check out our Buy Real HCG page for how to get your prescription from a phone consultation). Pharmaceutical HCG CAN be taken under the tongue, but usually requires a double dose to be as effective as injecting it directly.
I had my 2 year anniversary of maintaining my hCG Diet weight loss, with hCG injections, in November folks! Though drops are cheaper, easier to use, and easier to fit into your lifestyle, you canВ make your own judgment call on the issue by learning the facts below. HCG drops can vary in price between $60 to $180, proportional to the size of the bottle you buy and how much weight you want to lose.
You only need to take the drops three times a day, and you can take them wherever you want.
If you are out in public and it is time to take your hCG, you will need to find a safe and private area (such as a public bathroom… which may be safe, but is not very hygienic!) for injection. The truth is, both drops and injection methods use the same hormone, and are equal in their effectiveness as a weight loss aid.
HCG promotes weight loss by raising the metabolism and burning excess fat into energy; this process then communicates to the hypothalamus (the brain’s appetite-controller) that there has been recent energy uptake, and soothes the body’s subconscious desire for food. Some people report headaches and vertigo in the first few days of the hCG plan, but this is more likely related to the adjustment to their low calorie diet plan than the hormone itself. While hCG is often used as a fertility supplement for women who are infertile, this is under strict doctor-recommended dosages and conditions. We know this personally, as our first round with The HCG Diet, we got caught by the fake "HCG Drops".
Simeons' Diet is a program designed to provide enough protein and nutrients while keeping the calories extremely low, making sure your body is not getting its energy needs met by the food you eat.

Simeons stated that each person should drink about 2 liters of water on the diet each day- that’s actually not difficult to do (unlike what some have suggested online, like 2 gallons per day) which I doubt your kidneys would thank you for.
HCG injections require a prescription from a licensed medical professional; doctors can only prescribe hCG for fertility reasons, and most will not write you a prescription for hCG for weight loss purposes. Injections often require a two inch long fine needle, which is injected into the muscles of the buttocks, and must be repeated daily. Whether you are out to lunch with a friend or stuck at work, all it takes is just a quick squeeze on the dropper to administer the hCG underneath your tongue, and you’re done. BioMazing™ HCG is the most effective option for HCG drops on the market, and the bonus free bottle of all-natural Liporid™ PM is impossible to beat! If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, do not use hCG as your diet plan without doctor discretion. We saw results, but not quite as good as those we later achieved with real HCG, nor those reported by clinics that work with real HCG, and it wasn't without consequence.
Simeons talks about this in his manuscript - HCG unlocks the trapped fat and makes it available for the body to use.
You must take the time to sterilize and keep needles sanitary; infection at the site of the hCG injection is common for people who do not sanitize their needles thoroughly. Furthermore, taking the time required for injections can be an inconvenience to your friends, employers, dates, or whoever you might be with when you need to take your injection. This sleep aid uses natural ingredients that enhance the effects of HCG and even functions as an appetite suppressant – perfect for those cravings you get before bed!
To get the most out of an hCG diet plan, be smart and safe about the amount of calories you consume each day. Drops are much simpler – you simply administer 10-12 drops underneath the tongue, three times a day, for the duration of your diet plan.
For the most convenient, cost effective, and painless hCG option, choose quality hCG diet drops.

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