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This is a fun unscientific book that chronicles my experiences, failures and ultimate success at concieving a child while on the HCG Diet plan, I started to lose the weight but relaized along the way that HCG was changing my cycles and ulitmately helped me get pregnant!!
Mobile app page - wayn., Meet people browse through people from different locations and decide whether you'd like to meet them. The virgin diet: drop 7 foods, lose 7 pounds, 7 days, Forget the title--this is a serious, must-read book. The most common misunderstanding is that the HCG, in and of itself, produces weight loss, which is untrue.
On a given day, the traditional HCG diet may allow up to 80 grams of carbs in fruit, bread sticks and root vegetables.

Yet another questionable feature of the traditional HCG diet is that it measures protein options, such as fish, chicken or beef, in grams rather than in calories; allowing only 100g of a selected protein item per meal. This is far too many to maintain an optimal level of ketosis, but what is more concerning to most medical professionals is the lack of protein in the traditional HCG diet protocol, especially for men. The role of the HCG is target weight loss so that the dieter can maintain muscle mass while strictly losing unwanted fat. Simeons in his manuscript Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity, has helped millions achieve rapid weight loss. However, the diet has also frightened many away, particularly men, due to the strict 500 calorie protocol and confusion surrounding the actual mechanism and function of the HCG itself.

Not only does this slow weight loss, but it also makes the dieter more hungry as they are not being supplied ketone calories from stored fat. And although the HCG supplement facilitates ketosis, optimal levels can only be achieved by limiting carbohydrates. Zach LaBoube critiques the traditional HCG diet using current research in low-carb ketosis dieting, caloric ratios and basic food chemistry to offer a smarter alternative, explaining that a diet need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to yield life changing results.

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